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Veeqo Features
Streamline your shipping, receiving, picking, packing, and returns in one easy-to-use cloud-based system. Keep your customers happy and your margins healthy.

No Late Orders

Ship every order on time without fail – in a world where one-day shipping is the expectation.

No 1-star reviews

Get the right items to your customers and save your brand from negative customer reviews.

No Overselling or Stockouts

Stop overselling and refunding orders due to inaccurate inventory levels.

Increased Profit and Margin

Reduce returns from inaccurate picking, eliminate expensive priority shipping to make up for slow fulfilment and operate with a leaner warehouse team

Order Picking

Faster and more accurate order picking

Save a precious few minutes on every order picked – and watch the time saved snowball at scale.

Veeqo always shows your team the optimal picking method, generating efficient picking batches and creating a picking route that minimises travel distance.

Picking Lists and Packing Slips

Not ready to go paperless? Our warehouse management system gives you the flexibility to pick customer orders in whatever way best suits your business.

Veeqo V

Flexible to suit your workflow

However your team operates, Veeqo can support your workflow. Single and multi-line item orders; single and mult-order batch picking; and warehouses with or without packing stations.

Veeqo V

A fully-automated system

Veeqo automates repetitive warehouse tasks – like splitting picking documents by warehouse – to whatever best suits your team. So your pickers can focus on what’s most important: picking quickly.

Pack and ship with confidence

Always ship the right items

By blocking shipments until products are barcode scanned, you’ll never ship an order with the wrong items again

Barcode scanner

Improve order picking accuracy and book in new inventory more quickly.

Packing slips

Not ready for barcode scanners? We also support traditional paper processes, such as customisable packing slips.

Avoid shipping surcharges

Package weights are automatically preloaded to expedite the packing process.

To avoid shipping surcharges, you can connect a set of USB scales in Veeqo to automatically update package weights.

Fast, discounted shipping

A cheaper, faster way to ship your packages

Save up to 90% on USPS

Get the deepest possible discounts on USPS shipping rates.

Bulk print 100 labels

Select up to 100 orders and print shipping labels for them all in just a few clicks.

Learn more about Shipping in Veeqo

Warehouse automation

Put your warehouse operations on autopilot

Create workflows to automate mundane tasks using custom triggers or conditions.

Select shipping services based on delivery options, assign specific branded invoices to orders based on sales channel, add order tags based on customer ZIP code – and much more.

Veeqo Barcode Scanner

A WiFi-enabled, drop-proof cordless device with long battery life, pistol grip, and built-in laser scanner.

The Veeqo barcode scanner is specifically designed to efficiently and accurately process high order volumes in a warehouse environment.

Android and iOS app

Access the functionality of the Veeqo barcode scanner on your team members’ smartphones.

Use the phone’s camera as a barcode scanner to pick orders, perform stock takes and receive inventory, all from the palm of your hand.


Get the job done anywhere

With Veeqo, your team will no longer be tethered to their desk. With the Veeqo Scanner and Smartphone app, get the job done anywhere – in your warehouse or on the go.

Warehouse insights

Know what’s going on inside your warehouse

Get a real-time view of picking progress in each warehouse and make quick adjustments to get orders out.

Flexibly prioritise picking for orders that need to be expedited and manage your operations easily.


The complete guide to inventory management

Get the complete guide to inventory management

Learn to easily control your retail inventory with our inventory management guide - 10 in-depth chapters that will teach you all you need to know.

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