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Easy-to-use warehouse management software

Veeqo is the WMS system to expertly organise, pick, pack & ship your ecommerce warehouse inventory.

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Easy-to-use warehouse management software

Veeqo is trusted by retail brands all across America, including…

Veeqo is trusted by Brompton Bikes
Veeqo is trusted by Dove
Veeqo is trusted by Joseph Fashion
Veeqo is trusted by the Harry Potter store
Veeqo is trusted by Tog24
Veeqo is trusted by Lovisa
Veeqo rating on Capterra
Veeqo rating on Trustpilot
Veeqo is a GetApp Category Leader

Veeqo is trusted by hundreds of retail brands, including…

Veeqo is trusted by Brompton BikesVeeqo is trusted by DoveVeeqo is trusted by Joseph FashionVeeqo is trusted by the Harry Potter storeVeeqo is trusted by Tog24Veeqo is trusted by Lovisa
Veeqo rating on CapterraVeeqo rating on CapterraVeeqo is a GetApp Category Leader

Key Veeqo WMS System Features

  • Digital pick & pack
  • Warehouse automation

Easily control & organise your warehouse inventory

Get new stock quickly booked-in and ready for sale, assign items to dedicated bin locations, and set weekly cycle counting tasks for your team. Then sync your inventory across all sales channels in real-time so you never oversell.

Ying Xue

"Veeqo has helped us completely transform our internal fulfilment processes. The amount of time Veeqo has given back to our team is incredible."Ying Xue, Starry Asian Market quote

Pick & pack quicker and more accurately than ever

Use the Veeqo Scanner to pick & pack significantly more orders each day - while keeping both human error and labour costs to an all-time low. No more wasted time printing and assigning lists, no more wrong orders for your customers - just fast, accurate digital picking.

Paolo Tripi

"For processing online orders, Veeqo is the master. The system integrates with our couriers and with only a few clicks we can generate the invoice, picking list and shipping label."Paolo Tripi, eMegaStore quote

Put repetitive warehouse tasks on autopilot

Veeqo automatically assigns picking batches to your team, and works out the shortest walking route. You can also create custom automation rules in a few clicks - like routing orders to specific warehouses, or defaulting to an expedited shipping service for next-day orders.

Ravi Panghat - Ecommerce Manager, TCO

"The Veeqo Scanner is a must-have for every warehouse worker. Our team now pick the same amount of orders in 50% of the time!"Ravi Panghat, TCO quote

Get more from your warehouse management system

Veeqo’s all-in-one management solution handles inventory, orders, picking, packing, shipping and returns in one cloud-based system. Start a free 14-day trial today!

More Warehouse Management Software Features

Quick & easy put away

Quick & easy put away

With the Veeqo Scanner, your warehouse team can get new stock deliveries counted and booked-in with a quick scan and click. Meaning your new inventory gets put away and ready for sale in record time.

Fast, accurate digital picking

Fast, accurate digital picking

Veeqo automatically filters orders into batches, and assigns them to your pickers each morning. So no more wasting hours every day printing and distributing picking lists.

Your team simply follows their Scanner instructions. Just scan, pick and repeat - bringing fast, accurate picking every time.

Streamlined scanner packing

Streamlined scanner packing

Scan your parcels as they're being packed to confirm order accuracy. Giving your team an extra opportunity to catch any errors before shipping out to customers.

Fast multichannel shipping

Fast multichannel shipping

Connect any of 21+ direct carrier integrations to Veeqo for fast multichannel shipping. Bulk print labels, track your shipments, and create time-saving automations - like defaulting to an expedited shipping service for next-day orders.

Multiple warehouses in one system

Multiple warehouses in one system

Control any number of warehouses in one Veeqo account - regardless of location. Ship goods from anywhere and inventory levels are automatically updated across all relevant warehouses, sales channels and marketplaces.

You can even transfer goods between your locations, and route orders to specific warehouses based on delivery address or a variety of other triggers.

Productivity-driving insights

Productivity-driving insights

View performance stats for your warehouse teams as a whole, and each individual. Meaning you can easily pinpoint productivity bottlenecks and see who's not hitting targets.

Veeqo also stores order history data for every action in each warehouse. Helping you hold team members accountable for any mistakes – and stop them happening again.

Hassle-free cycle stock takes

Hassle-free cycle stock takes

Use Veeqo’s barcode scanner to easily carry out stock counts without shutting down the entire warehouse. Just assign your team weekly or daily counting tasks to complete paperless inventory checks with minimal disruption.

Direct WMS System Integrations

Veeqo's warehouse management software directly integrates your retail operation with a range of ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, shipping carriers, 3PLs, point of sale (POS) systems, accounting software and more.

More Reasons Retailers Love Veeqo's WMS System

Manage orders in one place

Connect all your sales channels to Veeqo and manage inventory, orders, shipping and returns in one system - no more logging into multiple different platforms.

View detailed reports

Run inventory, sales, and order fulfilment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions.

Manage inventory

Take complete control of your inventory management for any number of channels and warehouses. Sync everywhere, forecast demand, manage purchase orders, and more.

Create & track purchase orders

Auto-populate new purchase orders with items low on stock, and manage suppliers in one place. Then book-in new inventory quicker than ever using the Veeqo Scanner.

Push to accounting software

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data from every channel directly into your Xero, Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop accounting software.

Ship Amazon FBA or SFP

Ship, manage & transfer stock between FBA locations, and fulfil Prime orders from your own warehouse with our Seller Fulfilled Prime integration.

What ecommerce leaders say about Veeqo

“Veeqo is extremely easy to use! The pick and pack feature with the scanners has helped streamline our entire order fulfilment process.”

“An absolutely fantastic tool that streamlines our multichannel sales process. Stock is always correct and shipping takes so little time it's like having an extra team member.”

"Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning."

Warehouse Management Software Guide
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Warehouse Management: A Complete Guide

Learn how to perfectly organise your warehouse inventory and decide on a warehouse management system with our free in-depth guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a warehouse management system do?

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a piece of software that handles warehouse operations and all the typical day-to-day practices of a warehouse. A WMS system will usually help with receiving and put away of new stock, manage, balance and replenish inventory, optimise picking and packing processes as well as provide functionality to ship orders and handle returns.

What is the best warehouse management system?

There are a number of warehouse management systems out there that are differently suited depending on the needs of individual businesses. So the best warehouse management system is whichever one fits into your operation the easiest.

Veeqo is best for growing and established online retailers selling on multiple channels. Our all-in-one solution handles inventory, picking, packing and shipping in one platform, so you won't be paying to connect several WMS systems together with several different logins and touchpoints.

Veeqo is designed to handle high volumes of orders and inventory in a single, cloud-based login area. Connect a wide range of stores, ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to see every order in one place, sync stock levels in real-time, and ship via any of our 21+ direct carrier integrations. All meaning your ecommerce business can grow quickly with one, reliable system powering its operation.

How many sales channels can I connect to Veeqo?

You can connect multiple Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce or OpenCart stores to Veeqo, along with Amazon, eBay, Etsy and a variety of other online marketplaces and physical stores - a full list is available here. This allows you to manage orders, inventory, fulfilment, shipping and returns for all of them in one place.

Which carriers can I ship my orders with in Veeqo?

Veeqo's Warehouse Management Software directly integrates with 21 of the world’s leading shipping carriers, although we're always working on adding more on top of this. There's also no limit to the number you can connect to your account, regardless of what price plan you're on.

Some major carriers we integrate with are:

  • Royal Mail
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • DPD
  • Amazon Shipping (UK only)
  • myHermes
  • Yodel
  • Australia Post
  • Deutsche Post DE

A full list can be seen here. But you also have the option of using our open API to build any custom integrations you might need.

Can I manage inventory in Veeqo if my business operates from more than one warehouse?

Yes. Veeqo allows you to set up and manage inventory for any number of warehouses (including FBA). You can even create warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers to ensure you always have the right amount of inventory in the right locations to fulfil orders as quickly as possible.

Can I connect Amazon FBA or a 3PL warehouse to Veeqo?

Yes! Veeqo directly integrates with Amazon FBA and Torque 3PL - see more about our 3PL integrations here. You can also use our open API to build any custom integrations to other 3PL services you want to ship orders from.

You'll be able to ship individual orders manually through FBA or other 3PL, or set up an automatic fulfilment rule so it happens on autopilot. For example, set Prime and eBay orders to go through FBA, but Shopify orders via another 3PL or your own self-fulfilled warehouse. There's an almost limitless combination of rules to choose from.