Everything You Need to Know About Smart Order Routing in Veeqo

  • Written by Tamsin Mackay
Everything You Need to Know About Smart Order Routing in Veeqo

Fulfill your orders from the location nearest your customer with Veeqo's new Smart Order Routing feature

Shipping products to multiple customers, across multiple destinations from multiple warehouses can be challenging.

You want the items purchased by the customer to be fulfilled from a location closest to them so you can minimize delivery costs and times.

As your business grows, managing this feat gets tricky. You’ve got a lot of customers and they’re all in different locations and you’ve got to find a way of deftly navigating their deliveries and order locations without drowning under an admin deluge.

Which is one of the reasons why we’ve introduced Veeqo Smart Order Routing.

Brand new and shiny, this feature is designed to allocate orders to your nearest location or warehouse based on your customer’s delivery address.

Smart Order Routing explained

Smart order routing is a complicated-sounding term for a solution that simplifies your life.

Using this tool, you can automatically assign optimized shipping locations to customers which means they get their orders faster and you pay less for shipping.

The tool also ensures that, before it allocates a location, there is stock available at that warehouse or distribution center so fulfillment is seamless. This automated process can be customized with the Veeqo Smart Order Routing tool so you can manage your customers carefully and stay on top of your orders.

It’s very flexible and adaptable and gives you the ability to customize your locations while ensuring your customers remain delighted.

Why Smart Order Routing is, well, smart

There are several benefits to using smart order routing:

You can efficiently allocate orders to customers based on their closest available fulfillment location using an automated and customizable tool.

Your admin time spent on managing order locations and optimized delivery times is cut down to almost nothing because Veeqo – once you’ve customized it – does all the hard work for you.

The Veeqo Smart Order Routing system is very easy to set up so you can benefit from the automated process almost instantaneously.

Veeqo will calculate the shortest distance between a delivery address and your locations with available inventory and then instantly allocate inventory to the customer. This means faster delivery times which is always going to be a win for your customers. Who doesn’t love instant gratification?

Thanks to the shorter delivery distances you immediately benefit from reduced shipping costs which means…so do your customers! They’re going to appreciate the cheaper prices and the speedier deliveries which will make your business look great!

Transforming customer delight. Perhaps one of the loveliest terms in the retail lexicon, customer delight is a sought-after commodity for most companies. You want delighted customers who not only come back for more but recommend you to other potential customers. The Nielsen Global 2021 Trust in Advertising Study found that recommendations from people they knew were trusted by 88% of consumers.

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Setting up your Smart Order Routing

Unlike the process of managing orders and fulfillment centers and customers, Veeqo's Smart Order Routing set-up is very easy. As in, it will take you minutes, easy.

Step 01: Log into your Veeqo account and go to Settings.

Step 02: Select Marketplace and Ecommerce Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Step 03: Select Show Advanced Settings.

Step 04: Scroll to How Stock Quantity Should Be Synced.

Step 05: Enable Should Veeqo Allocate an Order to the Closest Location in the List Below?

Step 06: Select Save Changes.

That’s it. Six steps to Veeqo automatically allocating orders from the closest location you have provided with the smart order routing tool.

It is, however, important to note that if any of your orders have invalid addresses when they are pulled into the Veeqo system, they will then be allocated to your default location.

But, what if you want to add a new location?

Add a location to your Smart Order Routing list

We have an in-depth guide you can follow to add a warehouse location to your store and determine how your stock is allocated, however, to save you time, here is a quick reference guide you can use to get started at speed:

Step 01: Log into your Veeqo account and go to Settings.

Step 02: Select Marketplace and Ecommerce Integrations from the drop-down menu.

Step 03: Click on Edit.

Step 04: Select Show Advanced Settings.

Step 05: Scroll down to How Stock Quantity Should Be Synced and then add in additional locations from the drop-down menu.

Step 06: Select Add a Location to a Priority Order to add an additional location to your store.

Step 07: Choose the location you want to add from the drop-down list.

Step 08: Select Save Changes.

If you want to create and edit locations, you can follow our other guide which will talk you through all the different steps you need to follow.

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The benefits of Veeqo (beyond the smart)

Veeqo’s Smart Order Routing solution is just one tool in your Ecommerce arsenal.

While this tool does help you to deliver to your customers far faster and more efficiently than ever before, you can also use the Veeqo platform to manage multiple parts of your business while reducing admin, costs, and stress.

Veeqo offers multiple smart automations, a powerful suite of inventory and warehouse management tools, digital picking, reporting, forecasting and analysis capabilities, and exclusive perks designed to make life just that little bit sweeter for your business.

One of the biggest advantages is that Veeqo is free, with unlimited users and no hidden costs, this makes it a very handy way for you to optimize your business without eating into your bottom line.

The software also includes other powerful automations that include customizable workflows, inventory management across channels in real-time, shipping address validation, and warehouse management process automation.

It integrates with some of the most popular retail applications globally across ecommerce applications, marketplaces, shipping carriers, point-of-sale systems, and more.

We also offer sellers the lowest commercially available rates, based on our pre-negotiated pricing from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL and up to 5% back with Veeqo Credits. And we have the Veeqo Scanner which is fully integrated with our entire suite of shipping, inventory, and warehouse management tools.

Our powerful inventory management tools improve fulfillment efficiency (which is now given a fantastic boost thanks to our smart order routing) and customer satisfaction by preventing stock-outs and forecasting customer demand while automating inventory tasks.

In short, we add lots of value to your business with tools and solutions that are optimized to meet the goals of making your life easier so you can do better business, faster.

So what are you waiting for? Create your free Veeqo account today and get ready to optimize your shipping and your customer’s shopping.

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