USPS Business Account vs Personal Account– Which is Right for You?

  • Written by Martha Kendall Custard
USPS Business Account vs Personal Account– Which is Right for You?

USPS has a massive catalog of services for both personal account users and businesses.

Whether you’re a business owner shipping orders to customers or an individual managing personal shipments, opening a USPS account can help you save time and money.

Account holders can order and print postage from the comfort of their home, track all their mail pieces, order free shipping materials, and a whole lot more.

The services available to personal accounts are tailored to the needs of individuals managing their own residential shipments. On the other hand, business services are designed to streamline the process of safely delivering customer orders.

Because there are so many services available, finding out which type of account will grant you access to which services can be tricky.

In this post, we’re dissecting three types of USPS accounts to help you pick the best option for your business.

Table of Contents

  • USPS Personal Account

  • USPS Business Account

  • USPS Business Customer Gateway

  • How to choose the right USPS account for your business

  • How Veeqo can help you with USPS shipping

Account type #1: USPS Personal Account

What is a USPS Personal Account?

A USPS Personal Account is ideal for individuals who want to manage and track their residential mail. To create a USPS Personal Account, follow the same registration steps mentioned above, then select “Personal Account” instead of “Business Account”. Later in the registration process, you’ll be prompted to add personal information like your name and residential address.


There are plenty of advantages to opening a USPS Personal Account:

Packaging Tracking: Track packages in real-time.

Informed Delivery: See what will be arriving at your residential address before it arrives with Informed Delivery.

Shipping preferences: Manage shipping preferences, delivery options, and scheduled pickups.

Click-N-Ship: Create shipping labels at home, schedule pickups online, and save time not waiting in post office lines.


The USPS Personal Account is great for individuals who want to save time at the post office and gain more control over their residential shipments.

However, business owners who use a personal account to ship customer orders will struggle. The tracking isn’t as advanced as it is for business accounts.

Additionally, this account isn’t designed to manage multiple customer addresses or communicate tracking information with customers.

Last but not least, ersonal accounts can’t access discounted shipping rates.

Account type #2: USPS Business Account

What is a USPS Business Account?

USPS Business Account gives business owners access to a suite of USPS services that simplify the process of shipping and managing customer orders.

The sign-up process is the same whether you are creating a personal account or a business account. Just head to the USPS website, click register, and fill out the required information.

At the bottom of the registration form, you’ll see the option to select “Personal Account” or “Business Account”. If you select “Business Account”, you’ll be prompted to enter business information (like your business name and address) later in the signup process.


  • Enhanced Click-N-Ship: Bulk editing, file upload, and other features that help manage more packages and recipient addresses.

  • Advertising support: Every Door Direct Mail services helps businesses advertise to local communities.

  • Bulk mail discounts: Earn discounted shipping rates according to your order volume and gain additional savings for select services by opting into the Business Rate Card. The Business Rate Card provides lower business rate prices for Priority Mail and USPS Ground Advantage postage purchases via Enhanced Click-N-Ship.

  • Additional postage options: Pay for postage and print your own labels, use online vendors, lease meters, or print with a permit imprint.

  • USPS Global Shipping Software: Easily pay for international postage and create mailing labels, customs forms, postage statements, and manifests.

  • USPS Returns services: Facilitate hassle-free returns for customers.

  • Click-N-Ship Business Pro downloadable desktop software: Small to medium-volume shippers can use this desktop software to pay for postage via electronic manifest files, create labels, and manage volume shipping with database integration, built-in tracking, and reporting tools.

  • Payment options: Pay with Apple Pay or an Enterprise Payment System (EPS) account.

  • Advanced tracking and reporting: Helps identify opportunities to save on costs and streamline operations and keep customers informed.

  • Shipping consolidation: Approved shipping consolidators can help businesses with tasks like pickup, sorting, and transportation.


If you want access to discounted shipping rates, you’ll have to meet the minimum shipping volume requirements.

Below are the current commercial postage minimums:

  • Presorted and automation First-Class Mail®: 500 pieces

  • USPS Marketing Mail®: 200 pieces or 50 lbs

  • Parcel Select Destination Entry: 50-piece minimum per mailing

  • Presorted and carrier route sorted Bound Printed Matter: 300 pieces

  • Commercial Library Mail: 300 pieces

  • Commercial Media Mail®: 300 pieces

Account type #3: USPS Business Customer Gateway

What is a USPS Business Customer Gateway account?

The Business Customer Gateway is the central USPS commercial services hub designed for high-volume shippers. You can access the Business Customer Gateway by typing in your USPS Business Account username and password.

The displays information customized to your business needs and grants centralized access to all USPS business services. Check out the complete list of Business Customer Gateway services below:

  • Automated Business Reply Mail

  • Customer Label Distribution System (CLDS)

  • Customer/Supplier Agreements (CSAs)

  • Every Door Direct Mail

  • Incentive Programs

  • Informed Visibility

  • Mailer ID

  • Manage Mailing Activity

  • Schedule a Mailing Appointment (FAST)

  • Click-N-Ship Business Pro™

  • Electronic Verification Service (eVS)

  • Incentive Programs

  • Mailer ID

  • Manage APIs

  • Manage Mailing Activity

  • Official Mail Shipping Labels

  • Online Enrollment

  • Parcel Data Exchange (PDX)

  • Premium Forwarding Service Commercial™

  • Scan Based Payment (SBP)

  • USPS Package Intercept

  • Mail Transport Equipment Ordering System (MTEOR)

  • Meters and PC Postage

  • Retail Business Partners

  • Parcel Return Service


  • Bulk mailing support: Robust tools and discounts for businesses that ship high volumes of mail to customers.

  • Integrations: Use API to integrate USPS shipping services directly into your internal system or ecommerce platforms.

  • Enhanced reporting and analytics: More detailed reporting and analytics tools with insights into shipping patterns, costs, and other relevant data.

  • Centralized account management: Manage your shipping history, billing, and account preferences.

  • Advanced tracking and visibility: Enhanced tracking capabilities with clearer visibility into shipment status and location.

  • Custom options: Specialized services tailored to businesses with special shipping needs.

  • Security: Additional security features and controlled access mechanisms.


To access the full suite of advanced features with a higher level of customization, automation, and integration, you have to meet certain qualifications and request access to one service at a time.

If you choose to sign into the Business Customer Gateway without requesting access to additional services, you can still:

  • Track shipments

  • Manage mailer IDs and permits

  • Simplify full service mailing and customer returns

  • Promote your business with Every Door Direct Mail

  • Manage large shipments

  • Order shipping labels

  • Enroll in shipping services

  • Generate mail and transaction history reports

  • Access USPS promotions and incentive programs

How to choose the right USPS account for your business

When you create your USPS account, either choose a personal account by entering your residential address, or switch to a business account and enter your business name and address.

You can then use your business account login to access the Business Customer Gateway.

So, which USPS account is right for you?

If you’ve reached this point in the post and still aren’t sure which account type is right for your business, here’s the bottom line– the more business features you can access, the better off you’ll be.

Opting for a USPS Business Account over a personal account grants you access to the more advanced tracking, customer service, marketing, and delivery management features you need to take care of business.

Plus, a business account opens the door to shipping rate discounts that increase alongside your order volume.

Using your business account to log into the Business Customer Gateway can grant you access to even more features, promotions, and services for streamlining your business operations as your order volume increases.

If you’re an individual managing personal shipments to and from your residence, a personal account will suffice. You’ll still be able to purchase postage and print shipping labels with Click-N-Ship, track orders, schedule package pickups, and order free Priority Mail packaging.

But if you’re a business owner managing customer shipments, opt for a USPS Business Account and access the Business Customer Gateway as soon as you can.

When you ship with Veeqo, it won’t matter

Veeqo is a free-to-use shipping software that helps businesses create shipping labels, manage orders, track inventory levels, and a whole lot more.

When you purchase your USPS shipping labels with Veeqo, it doesn’t matter what type of USPS account you use or how large your order volume is. Sign up for free and gain access to discounted shipping rates for USPS and other popular carriers with no minimum order quantity.

After creating your account, you’ll connect your sales channels so that all your orders go straight to your Veeqo dashboard.

Click on an order to see all the applicable shipping services and rates.

Choose the best fit, print your label, and Veeqo will automatically push tracking updates back to your sales channel.

Here’s a quick overview of everything you can do with Veeqo’s business shipping software:

Sign-up to Veeqo today and start shipping with USPS using their discounted rates. You’ll also get up to 5% back in Veeqo Credits.

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