Xero Integration with Inventory Management Software

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If you’re aiming to integrate your Xero inventory with Veeqo, we have put together this handy guide to help you through the process.

Before you connect your Xero inventory with Veeqo, you need to make sure that the currency used in Veeqo is the same currency you have defined in Xero: 

First, log into Veeqo and go to “Settings and then “Accounts. 

Secondly, you need to click the “Connectbutton, which is positioned next to Xero.

Xero InventoryNext, you will be directed to your Xero page. When you are there, you’ll want to click the “Authorise” button.

Xero InventoryAfter that, you will be sent back to your Veeqo software. You can now fill in your preferences for Xero inventory.

Xero Inventory
Sales Invoice Settings
Xero Inventory
Inventory Settings

 Once you have filled this in, you can click Saveand you will be greeted with a message saying “Xero preferences has been updated”. This means that your Veeqo account is now integrated with your Xero inventory account. 

Here a short glossary of some of the fields you will find in the preferences section when integrating your Xero inventory with Veeqo:

Sales Account – This is the revenue of your sales orders (less shipping sales)

Shipping Sales – The shipping revenue you charged your customer’s sales invoice.

Invoice Status – This tells Xero what the status the invoice should be saved as in Xero. If saved as a draft, this will not affect your balance sheet until published in Xero.

Tax Option – Instructs whether Veeqo orders need to be exported with sales tax or not.

Order status – Veeqo will export orders with these status values:

Closed Orders = Shipped.

Closed and Paid = Shipped or Awaiting Stock or Awaiting Fulfilment.

Closed and Open = Shipped or Awaiting Stock or Awaiting Fulfilment or Awaiting Payment

Payment Account – Order payments can be saved in this Xero bank account, but you don’t have to create payments from invoices.

Inventory Account – Choose which account you want purchase orders to go into when you purchase inventory. On your balance sheet this is shown as “stock account”.

COGS Account – When a sale is created in Xero, Veeqo will calculate what was paid for the item and create a manual journal between your inventory account and your COGS account to move the inventory from your balance sheet into your profit & loss.

Inventory Purchase – When a purchase order us synced from Veeqo, a payable bill is created with this account for your supplier.

Purchase Invoice Status – This is the current status of the supplier invoice created in Xero.

Purchase Order Status – Only purchase orders which match this status in Veeqo will be synched, so “completed” means that stock has been received from your supplier.

You can also connect your Xero account with Shopify.

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