Xero Inventory Management Integration

Push your sales and purchase data from Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon or any other channel direct to Xero in one click.

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Veeqo is trusted by hundreds of retail brands, including…

Veeqo is trusted by Brompton BikesVeeqo is trusted by DoveVeeqo is trusted by Joseph FashionVeeqo is trusted by the Harry Potter storeVeeqo is trusted by Tog24Veeqo is trusted by Lovisa
Veeqo rating on CapterraVeeqo rating on CapterraVeeqo is a GetApp Category Leader

Key Xero Inventory Management Features

Turn your orders into Xero invoices

Turn your orders into Xero invoices

Use our Xero Inventory Management software to capture order data from all your ecommerce stores and marketplaces, then sync directly to Xero for invoice creation.

  • Sync your order data from Veeqo to Xero in a single click.
  • Set cost prices in Veeqo and we’ll calculate the cost of goods sold for all your Xero invoices.
  • Link all of your stores to different Xero sales accounts.

Sync purchase orders to Xero

Sync purchase orders to Xero

Veeqo lets you create and track purchase orders when buying from suppliers. You can then push everything to Xero in one click with our direct Xero inventory management integration.

  • Raise a purchase order in Veeqo and we’ll create a supplier invoice in Xero.
  • Veeqo moves inventory from the balance sheet to your P&L account after each sale is made on any of your channels.

A Xero Integration for All Your Sales Channels

Veeqo can push data from a range of ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and point of sale (POS) systems into your Xero accounting software.

More Reasons Retailers Love Veeqo

Real-time inventory sync

Keep your inventory 100% accurate across all your sites, marketplaces and physical stores in real-time. Make a sale anywhere and get instantly updated stock levels everywhere.

Fast multichannel shipping

Connect all your sales channels to Veeqo and ship every order in one place via any of our 21+ direct carrier integrations.

Detailed performance reports

Run inventory, sales and fulfillment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions.

Take control of warehouse management

Use Veeqo’s advanced Warehouse Management System features to organize, pick, pack and ship your inventory with masterful efficiency and speed.

Put repetitive daily tasks on autopilot

Create order rules that automate daily tasks based on a variety of triggers and conditions. Like defaulting to an expedited shipping service when a customer chooses next-day delivery at checkout.

Fast, paperless picking with the Veeqo Scanner

The Veeqo Scanner allows you to quickly book-in stock, complete weekly cycle stock-takes and speed up the order picking & packing process - all paper free.

What ecommerce leaders say about Veeqo

"Accountants love Veeqo for Xero Inventory Management! I can download daily reports of sales and purchases, then reconcile those transactions into our accounting software."

"I love that Veeqo integrates easily with our accounting platform alongside our sales channels, shipping solutions."

"Veeqo has saved us accountancy fees, as our accountant can now sync our sales transactions directly into his accounting software."

Xero Integration Cheat Sheet
PDF Download

PDF Download

Xero Integration Cheat Sheet

Learn how to sync your sales and purchase order data from Veeqo to Xero

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Veeqo update stock quantities in Xero?

No. We believe Veeqo should be your master of inventory as attempting to manage it in two different systems will lead to data errors. Veeqo's Xero inventory management integration can handle all your inventory seamlessly and in real-time, so you simply push all the sales and purchase data to Xero at the click of a button.

Can I map orders to certain Xero sales accounts?

Yes! You can map a sales channel in Veeqo (e.g. Amazon) to a Xero revenue account, so all orders from Amazon are sent there. You can do it order by order, or by other custom rules.

Which bank account do payments on orders get allocated to?

You can currently select one bank account for payments to be allocated to. But we plan to give users the ability to map payments to different accounts in the future, to help with reconciling.

How often does Veeqo sync with Xero?

It's not automatic, so you will need to click the 'Sync' button inside Veeqo to initiate the sync. But this can be done as often or little as you like.

Can I exclude some orders from the sync?

No. All orders with the order status you choose (e.g. shipped) will be synced into Xero upon clicking the 'Sync' button.