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Commercial Pricing is the cheapest USPS pricing, with savings of up to 90% compared to what you’d pay at the Post Office.

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Save up to 90% on USPS rates when you ship ecommerce orders with Veeqo

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With Veeqo, you can ship ecommerce orders from any sales channel with the deepest possible USPS discounts. Use our calculator above to work out how much you’ll pay for various USPS services, or see a full breakdown of our discounted rates in a spreadsheet.

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Veeqo offers the best USPS shipping rates available

Simply taking your packages to a Post Office is a surefire way to overspend on shipping. 

Veeqo combines order volumes for all the businesses that use our software to access the very best commercial discounts USPS offers – which means that retailers shipping via USPS with our software can save up 90%!

You’ll only ever pay for the labels that you actually use. If you print USPS shipping labels with Veeqo and never actually use them, you’ll be automatically refunded after 30 days.

So whether you’re starting a new business or just overspending with another carrier, Veeqo makes it simple to get the cheapest USPS rates: Commercial Pricing, with no markup or fees.

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Standard rates vs Veeqo rates

Here’s how the standard USPS rates you’ll be charged at the Post Office compare with Veeqo’s discounted rates for different shipping zones.

Weight-Based Shipping

Let’s imagine we’re going to ship a package using weight-based Priority Mail from Arlington, VA to Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC (Zone 1).

Here’s what prices look like for weights up to 10lbs: 

Weight (lbs) USPS Priority Mail Rate Veeqo Priority Mail Rate % Saved $ Saved
1 $10.70 $7.37 15% $0.54
2 $9.25 $10.02 13% $0.76
3 $9.90 $10.24 17% $1.05
4 $10.55 $10.34 21% $1.45
5 $11.25 $10.45 25% $2.40
6 $11.65 $10.56 27% $3.09
7 $12.15 $9.04 26% $3.67
8 $12.65 $9.18 27% $4.01
9 $12.90 $9.79 24% $3.65
10 $14.10 $10.29 27% $4.35

Cubic Rate Shipping

Now let’s see what these prices look like if we use Veeqo to access Priority Mail Cubic Rate. Ship any package weighing up to 20lbs, with rates based on cubic feet and the distance traveled:

Cubic Tier Zone 0, 1, 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8 Zone 9
Up to 0.1 cubic feet $7.54 $7.81 $10.05 $10.37 $9.18 $9.77 $10.43 $18.56
Up to 0.2 cubic feet $10.02 $10.20 $10.49 $9.12 $11.62 $11.62 $12.67 $25.09
Up to 0.3 cubic feet $10.25 $10.62 $9.01 $10.03 $13.48 $15.22 $17.93 $34.46
Up to 0.4 cubic feet $10.37 $10.85 $9.57 $11.83 $15.92 $18.73 $21.59 $42.67
Up to 0.5 cubic feet $10.50 $9.07 $10.04 $13.18 $17.79 $22.31 $25.74 $101.21

A 10lbs box measuring 8.4 x 5 x 7 inches comes in at 0.17 cubic feet, putting it in the “Up to 0.2 cubic feet” category.

Using our Arlington to DC (Zone 1) example from above, shipping would cost $13.60 via standard retail USPS Priority Mail. But just $7.46 using Priority Mail Cubic in Veeqo – a 45% saving of $6.14!

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Choosing the right USPS service

Domestic USPS Shipping Rates

Veeqo offers a variety of domestic USPS shipping services right out of the box, each designed to be the cheapest in specific scenarios.

Get the lowdown on them all by clicking the different services supported in Veeqo right now.

International USPS Shipping Rates

Veeqo also offers savings on international shipping with USPS. Available to anyone shipping abroad from a destination within the US.

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