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Last Mile Delivery Masterclass

Winning Customers with Fast & Reliable Shipping

About This Webinar

Creating an exceptional experience for your customers is a well-known part of increasing sales revenue. The backbone of this is the shipping process, but sadly, it’s often something many ecommerce retailers don’t put enough effort into when building their online strategy.

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Amazon Shipping for an exclusive masterclass focusing on last-mile delivery. Presented by Cheyney Cartwright, Amazon shares its invaluable expertise and unique insights on providing an exceptional delivery service – no matter what channels you use to drive your ecommerce sales.

In 30 minutes, you’ll learn…

  • Why ecommerce retailers need to think about last mile delivery when catering to online shoppers
  • Industry trends in home delivery and recipient experience
  • How Amazon Shipping is raising the bar with fast and reliable service

So whether you sell on Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce – or any other ecommerce sales channel – join us for this exclusive one-off session with Amazon Shipping for everything you need to know about last-mile delivery.

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