All your orders in one place

Keep the whole team on top of all your store's orders from start to finish

Speed up your orders

Save everyone time tracking down orders from across different accounts and see key information for all your store's orders in one place.

Order management software syncing

Filter Orders

View orders by store, order status, stock location, customer delivery choice and shipping destination and speed up fulfilling orders.

Tag Orders

Create and assign multiple tags to filter and alert the whole team about particular orders.

Create New Orders

Directly create new orders in Veeqo, search for customers and find their address with our international address finder.

Import and Export

Veeqo is ready, if you need to import orders from your other stores or export all your orders out to your accounting software.

View all your orders in one place

See All Your Order Details

Everything you need to get your orders out quickly on one screen.

Edit Orders

Change customer details, products ordered and shipping details in a click without having to start over again.

Add Notes

Add multiple internal notes to communicate with your team, or leave a customer note to display on packing slip.

Ship your order

Ship all your orders in seconds with Veeqo's shipping integrations to print your shipping labels, get orders out and make your customers happy.

See all your order details and add notes/tags

Automatically update your accounts

Speed up your whole accounting process by syncing your orders, cost of goods and purchase orders into Xero directly and get an accurate profit and loss report.

Learn more about our Xero integration
Xero orders

Barcode scanning for web and iOS

Scan your products on the go to update stock levels across your stores or even create a pick list in seconds and scan products from across your warehouse to cut order processing time for web and iPhone.

Track your order's history

Take a look at an order's history to see if anyone else in the team has updated it. Everytime an order changes, you can pinpoint the exact time and date of the change.

See everything that happend to your order

Order Returns

Do full and partial product returns for orders, so even if a customer returns 1 item from an order of 8, you can record it easily and your stock will be updated across all your stores.


Calculate tax for orders

eBay and Amazon do not break out sales tax in their orders, but you can set rules to split out the tax from an order based on its shipping country.


Sell in multi-currency without the hassle

Fetch orders from your stores worldwide selling in different currencies and have your sales converted using real time exchange rates into your base currency.

Multi currency

Print beautiful invoices

With customisable invoice templates, you can have an unlimited number of invoice designs and add a different one per store or by customer.

Customise your paperwork

Whether it's invoices, packing lists, picking lists or in-store reciepts, use as many printing templates as you need and customise them to suit your business.

Template editor

Pick your orders quickly

Cut down your order processing time by creating a digital pick list in secodns. For web and iOS, you can walk around your warehouse and scan barcodes to get orders out the door quickly and picked correctly.


Ship orders in seconds

Print all your shipping labels using Veeqo's shipping integrations, invoices and packing slips with a single click to deliver every order on time.

Know where your orders are

Track a shipments status without leaving Veeqo, ready to let your customer know what's going on with their order from one place.

Track orders shipment

Keep track of your order history

See all your sales and customer data from the last 5 years in one place from across your stores and make it easy to keep up with your past orders.

Sales reports

" With the number of orders we’re doing now, we’d of been spending half a day just typing and printing out labels when it can all be done in Veeqo in minutes. Veeqo just makes life so much easier, saving time logging in and out of a million platforms. It really is a no brainer. "

- Gabriella Urbano, eCommerce Manager at Bear Strength


Why do retailers choose Veeqo?

Works everything

Works on everything, everywhere

If you have access to the web, then Veeqo will work for you! Say hello tablets, smart phones and computers.

Helpful support team

Here to help

We believe in the best of customer service. In the last 6 months, our first response time was 15 minutes via email and we're always happy to help.


Save time

With inventory levels that automatically update and shipping orders in bulk, Veeqo will save you hours so you can focus on growing your business.

Affordable pricing

Increase sales

It's never been easier to sell your products on more stores, minus the hardwork of manually adding products over and over again.

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