Multichannel Inventory Management

Manage all your inventory, shipping & returns in one, easy-to-use multichannel ecommerce software.

Multichannel Inventory Management

Multichannel inventory management in Veeqo

Real-time inventory control

Keep inventory 100% accurate across all sites, marketplaces and physical stores in real-time, so you never oversell. Make a sale anywhere and Veeqo instantly updates inventory levels everywhere.

Manage orders in one place

Automatically sync customer orders from multiple sales channels into a centralised order management solution, ready to view, edit and manage. Save time and never miss an order again.

Ship from a single platform

Bulk ship multichannel orders directly from Veeqo, and track every delivery in one place. Choose from 21+ direct carrier integrations to ship orders all around the world.

Sync all your channels

Effortless inventory control.

Veeqo automatically monitors every movement of every stock item—all in one place.

Multichannel inventory management features

Automatically bring orders from all your stores and sales channels into one easy-to-use platform. View, edit, print and take complete control with Veeqo’s order management software.

Automatically update order status on the relevant channel at each step of the fulfilment journey.

Quickly find any order with live search and advanced filter options.

Clearly communicate order details with your team via internal notes and tags.

Multichannel inventory order summary

Perfect solution for our inventory management

We have been using Veeqo Since 2018. We use multiple marketplaces (eBay, BigCommerce, Amazon, etc.), and Veeqo provides the perfect solution for our inventory management needs.

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Founder, TCO

Integrates with:

    Multichannel order management

    Quickly ship customer orders from any sales channel in Veeqo with just a few clicks. Choose from 21+ direct carrier integrations – including Royal Mail, USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD and more.

    Bulk print up to 100 shipping labels, and thousands of invoices, pick lists and packing slips at a time.

    Track all your shipments in Veeqo, and keep customers updated with a branded tracking page.

    Fulfill any order through Amazon FBA, or other 3PL – either manually or create an automation for all or some orders.

    Shipping Software carrier connection UI

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