Supercharge your customer support

Connect Freshdesk to your Veeqo account and view customer order details directly in Freshdesk.

Inventory control

Key Freshdesk Integration Features

When you receive a ticket in Freshdesk, you can see the customer’s order information and inventory status from Veeqo, directly next to the ticket.

Help Your Customers

Immediately find out the status of your customer’s orders in Freshdesk, without having to log in to your Veeqo account.

Everything In One Place

See order details, delivery info, payments, or anything else you need to know to solve a customer’s ticket.

Supercharge Team Productivity

No more logging in and out of different platforms means that your team’s productivity will go through the roof.

Freshdesk integration

Direct shipping integrations

Veeqo gives you immediate access to discounted shipping rates with UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx. Available ‘out of the box’. No volume needed. Start saving in minutes.

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