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Vend Integration

Vend Integration

Merge your online retail business with any number of physical stores

Vend Integration

Key Vend Integration Features

Fulfil online orders with inventory from your physical store

Fulfil online orders with inventory from your physical store

Use inventory stored in any of your physical locations to ship orders recieved via your website or any marketplace channel.


Offer "Click & Collect" functionality for online customers

Make a "Click and Collect" sale online and Veeqo will tell your staff on the shop floor which orders to pick and hold.

Automate inventory levels

Automate inventory levels

As soon as you sell something on any sales channel, Veeqo will automatically update inventory levels on Vend in real time.

Update inventory levels in VendInventory levels are updated as soon as an item is sold on any sales channel. Meaning you'll never oversell anything ever again.
Update the pricing for any Vend productUse Veeqo to control all pricing, rather than logging in to Vend to make changes.
View and manage customer orders from VendSee every single customer order received via your Vend store, alongside orders from your website and other marketplaces - all in one, centralised platform.
Auto-link Vend listingIf a product you sell shares the same SKU as another product on eBay or Amazon, Veeqo will automatically link them together.
Split out tax for Vend salesAutomatically send details of any Vend sales to your accounting platform.
Report on Vend sales performanceUse our reporting and analytics dashboards so see a detailed summary of all your Vend sales, broken down by SKU - along with every other sales channel.

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