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How it works

Ship your orders in Veeqo directly with our SE Posten integration. Simply choose which SE Posten services you want to use and we will create & print the label for you, update the order as shipped and email the customer the tracking number.

Fedex mobile

We support all the major SE Posten services including:

  • DPD Business Pack
  • MyPack
  • DPD
  • Parcel Post International
  • Home Parcels


Works everywhere

Works on everything, everywhere

Veeqo works on iPad, Mac or PC. Being a cloud-based web system means we're easy to access and work on anything with a web browser.

Inventory syncing

Real time inventory syncing

Keep all your marketplaces and websites inventory up to date in real time. Sell something on eBay? Veeqo will update your Amazon stock level. Running 24 hours a day, so you can relax.

Start to finish order management

inventory management software

Keep track of all your orders from one system, no more logging into multiple sales channels to ship orders. Real time syncing between Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify & WooCommerce and more will help save you time.

See where your products are listed

View your products individually to see which marketplace and website they're being sold on and easily edit these connections.

Link your listings together

Veeqo will automatically link your products from different channel by SKU code, but you can also override and use our products matching tool to link products together.

Ship more in less time

Batch shipping orders, means you can print packing/delivery labels and invoices quickly, cutting down shipping time.

A snapshot of your sales

Gross profit is an important indicator of how your business is doing and with Veeqo's dashboard and reports, you can see all the important facts and figures across all your sales channels.

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