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We analyzed 1000 5* ecommerce reviews and two out of five reviews mentioned fast delivery. Follow the steps in this guide to become a pro in no time!

In this guide, we will go through every aspect of e-commerce shipping, including solutions and strategies to help you fulfill orders and exceed your customer expectations. You will need to spend some time to plan the right shipping process for your business. This includes designing your packaging, choosing the courier(s) and calculating your pricing.

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Packaging your item

Choosing your packaging and materials is important in representing your brand. Customers are led to believe that a business who damages or poorly packs their orders does not care about them. Follow these steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Package

Protect the goods! Newspaper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap – there are many options to protect your fragile goods. Consider whether your products could potentially be damaged in transit and choose an appropriate packaging technique.
To be cost-effective, look into packing using carrier’s own packaging boxes. It is generally free to use if you select a carrier-specified delivery service. Make sure you are not using one carrier’s packaging with a different carrier!
If you want to go the extra mile for a perfect unboxing experience, you can create branded packaging. This is becoming increasingly popular. Packaging inserts and presentation are other effective ways to set yourself apart from your competitors.
Is your packaging in line with your brand ethics and is this something your customers will factor in their purchase decisions? Should it be sustainable packaging? Consider all the aspects and do the research before making final decisions.


Weight is a huge factor in the cost of shipping. At times, instead of one heavy parcel it will be cost-effective to send 2 lightweight parcels; so always keep an eye on the weight. This is a huge factor in deciding which shipping carrier or service will be best for you. Veeqo syncs your orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify and more, and will automatically choose the best shipping rate for each item based on size and weight – no more manually comparing rates on carrier websites to get the best price. 


If the value of the order is more than $100, consider insuring the shipment for an additional fee. You can purchase additional insurance, from the carriers or a third-party insurer.
If an uninsured parcel is ‘lost in transit’, you will have to arrange a replacement and re-ship to the customer at your cost. This means that you are out of pocket and also have a worried customer. 
Some couriers include insurance in the cost of the label; make sure you check before buying additional insurance!


Customers expect to track packages. You can use tracking to build trust and maintain a competitive edge. This can help improve cart conversion as it instils confidence in the buyer. Creating transparency between the customer and yourself can increase your sales. Live parcel tracking is available in Veeqo – check out the shipping page for more details

Creating your shipping labels

New sellers might start off by writing addresses on the package by hand. This can be a great way to start as it is not costly. However, it tends to be time consuming, tedious, and not scalable as your business grows so you probably want to consider other options. 

Can I use software to create shipping labels?

One of the most affordable ways to ship your products is to use a shipping software buy and print shipping labels. E-commerce businesses can use softwares like Veeqo to ship customer orders at discounted shipping rates. Veeqo also has other features such as bulk label printing, one-click printing, automated workflows, and supports international shipping. This allows your business to scale without needing multiple software solutions. And the best part – Veeqo is free! No monthly subscription costs involved. 

Cheapest way to ship your package

Domestic or international? How long will it take for your customers to get their orders? Are you able to offer same-day, next-day or express delivery options? Choosing the right shipping method for your business can be hard, so we thought we would give you small tips on what you need to know before you choose. All shipping couriers base shipping rates on a variety of factors including:

  • Package Size
  • Package Weight
  • Departing Country
  • Destination Country
  • Tracking
  • Service extras e.g. insurance, signature

The best shipping process is one that fits the needs of your company and customers. Find out more details on the process of shipping here.

What carrier(s) should you ship with?

Customer want to know who will be delivering their parcel and what branded delivery van to watch out their window for. You put a lot of effort into making sure your customers have a great experience, shipping is no different. Check out all of Veeqo’s shipping carrier integrations, to see which applies the best to you.

International Shipping

If you are considering shipping internationally, customs, duties and taxes are all something you will need to research. Remember to always make customers aware of who is expected to pay the import fees: The Seller or the Buyer. Make sure it’s clear at the checkout so the customer doesn’t have any nasty surprises if they need to pay import fees for international packages.

Customs declaration forms are available at your local post office. These forms tell the customs officers at the arrival country what is in the parcel, the cost, and whether it is a gift or merchandise. However, it is best to check with your country’s postal service to find out exactly which forms you’ll need to attach to your parcels.

Same-day / next-day or express shipping options

We’ve all heard of Amazon-style shipping, Veeqo provides the option to do just that! If a customer is expecting their parcel tomorrow, Veeqo automatically selects the rate that makes sure it delivers on time. Delivery on time, every time = happy customers! 

Shipping rates

Are you offering shipping for free, have a flat rate or a variable fee? Or even a mixture of them all? 63% of consumers said they would abandon cart if shipping costs were too high. So make sure you know your audience and pick the best option for you and your customers. Using a company like Veeqo means you can find the cheapest way to ship your package quickly. 

Free shipping:

  • 47% of shoppers indicated that. they would abandon a purchase if they got to checkout and found out that free shipping wasn’t included. That’s a big drop off! 
  • Potentially setting a threshold for free shipping can be a saving grace for small businesses. 48 percent of people will add items to a cart to qualify for free shipping. As an example, say your bestselling jeans are $30 – if you set the free shipping threshold to $40 as it is likely that the customers will add other items to meet that cost.
  • You could even create an offer that has free shipping for any orders that include a certain product. For example, if a customer adds a soap onto their shampoo order, they’ll qualify for free shipping. This can of course help you raise awareness of new products, increase basket spend and cover the shipping cost (remember it is not free for you, only the customer). If you need to remove old stock to clear space for new stock this is definitely an option to consider.

Flat rate shipping:

  • Flat rate shipping is based on a set charge regardless of the order value or weight. Saves time: no need to weigh and/or measure the parcel. This also means you can add numerous items into the same package to lower costs your end.
  • This method could mean that if a customer purchases more items or heavier products you could be stuck paying for the difference in cost between the fixed rate you charged and the couriers shipping rate for that package size.

Variable rate shipping:

  • Variable fee shipping could be based on location, live rates from couriers or order total. However, this could require your website to have a real-time calculator to ensure customers can calculate the total either before or at checkout. This can of course mean hiring a developer to create this calculator which could be costly.
  • The upside is that the customer is paying the whole shipping charge, so no extra bills for you! 

What is a shipping service?

A shipping service allows you to quickly print shipping labels, whilst also being one of the most affordable ways to ship your products. A shipping service is especially useful if you are selling on multiple marketplaces. Rather than logging in to each of the different channels to view your orders, you can see them all in one place with shipping services like Veeqo. 

What does Veeqo offer?

Veeqo isn’t just a shipping service. Veeqo will help you pick, pack and ship your own orders with low shipping rates, smart automations, and powerful inventory tools.

  • Rate shopping

Veeqo automatically finds the lowest shipping rate available for your orders based on size and weight.

  • Amazon discounted rates

Access discounted UPS, DHL and FedEx rates and Amazon sponsored discounts for your Amazon orders, ranging up to $4.00 per label!

  • Buy shipping protection

Do you sell on Amazon? When you buy labels for Amazon orders using Veeqo, you’ll be protected against A-Z carrier claims related to late delivery and negative feedback – just like you find in Buy Shipping. All labels purchased through Veeqo will also include a Valid Tracking ID, and it will automatically sync with your Amazon account – at no extra cost.

  • Inventory control

Veeqo automatically syncs stock levels across channels as orders come in. Wave goodbye to spreadsheets and track stock without the fuss. You will also get low stock alerts across every channel with daily email updates. 

  • Pick with your mobile device

Pick and pack orders faster and stop sending out the wrong products with the added accuracy of the Veeqo mobile app. Save money and become more efficient by cutting down on printing and time to do stock takes. 

  • Reporting and forecasting

Use inventory performance, historical stock, and financial information to generate reports. Filter, group and categorised reports with ease. Know the lifecycle of every single product, where it’s been, and the actions your team have performed. Veeqo acts as the central hub for all your shipping and fulfillment data, and gives you the control and transparency you need to grow.

Now you are ready to ship your parcels, good luck!

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