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Amazon Inventory Management & Shipping

Veeqo is the inventory and shipping platform for ecommerce retailers selling on Amazon.

Amazon Inventory Management, Amazon Order Management & Amazon Shipping
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Based on 59 reviews from Shopify sellers


Rated 4.9 out of 5 on G2

Over $1 billion worth of orders processed through Veeqo annually

Harry Mann, Brompton Bikes

"Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning"
Harry Mann, Brompton Bikes

Key Amazon Software Features

Amazon Inventory Management

Take complete control of your inventory for any number of Amazon stores, sales channels and warehouses. Know what you have in stock and where you have it at any one time.

  • Sync inventory everywhere in real-time, so no more overselling & back orders.
  • Forecast demand and manage end-to-end purchasing, so you have the right stock at the right time.
  • Control how much stock shows for each Amazon store, and set up other time-saving automations.
More on Amazon inventory management in Veeqo
Amazon Inventory Management Software: Sell online and in-store by syncing products and inventory across multiple channels

Amazon Order Management

See all your orders from Amazon and every other sales channel in one place. All ready to view, edit, print, and ship to your heart's content.

  • Automatically update order status on Amazon and all other sales channels at each step of the fulfillment journey.
  • Quickly find any order with live search and advanced filter options.
  • Clearly communicate Amazon order details with your team via internal notes and tags.
More on managing Amazon orders in Veeqo
Amazon Order Management System: Pull orders from your online store ready to manage and ship then update order status on Amazon

Amazon FBM Shipping

Ship Amazon Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) orders in Veeqo alongside sales from every other channel. Choose from 21+ direct carrier integrations to ship orders all around the world.

  • Bulk print up to 100 shipping labels, and thousands of invoices, pick lists and packing slips at a time.
  • Track all your shipments in Veeqo, and keep customers updated with a branded tracking page.
  • Save time by creating shipping rules to automate repetitive daily tasks.
More on shipping Amazon orders in Veeqo
Amazon Shipping: Ship to customers after selling online, select the best carrier service, print shipping labels and view all tracking in one place

Amazon FBA Integration

Fulfill orders from any channel through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), or other 3PL. Ship manually or automatically and easily manage stock at all your locations.

  • Manually ship any individual order through Amazon FBA.
  • Set Veeqo to automatically fulfill some or all orders through an FBA location of your choice.
  • Transfer and control stock levels between your FBA warehouses.
More on Amazon FBA in Veeqo
Amazon FBA Integration: Sell on Amazon, and ship through FBA, 3PL

Amazon Returns Management

Manage multichannel returns in one place from start to finish using Veeqo. So your customers get a seamless returns experience that keeps them coming back.

  • Create returns, record the reason, update stock and issue refunds - all from one platform.
  • Give support, warehouse and finance teams a single view every step of the way - without spreadsheets or long email threads.
  • Handle full or partial returns, and process full or partial refunds.
More on Amazon returns in Veeqo
Amazon Returns Management: Use Amazon to sell online, then Veeqo for tracking and managing all returns in one place

You're in good company

Veeqo is trusted by some of the world's fastest-growing retail brands for managing their inventory and shipping.

Veeqo is trusted by Brompton Bikes Veeqo is trusted by brewdog Veeqo is trusted by JOSEPH Veeqo is trusted by Castore Veeqo is trusted by The Cambridge Satchel Company Veeqo is trusted by Dove Veeqo is trusted by Roland Mouret Veeqo is trusted by Joseph Fashion Veeqo is trusted by Lovisa

Direct integrations for your Amazon store

Veeqo directly integrates your Amazon store with a range of marketplaces, shipping carriers, 3PLs, point of sale (POS) systems, accounting software and more.

More Amazon Software Features

Manage Amazon listings

Manage current listings, quickly edit pricing to stay competitive, and use the same AISN to list products with different conditions.

Multi-currency ready

Veeqo can automatically convert sales and purchase orders to your base currency before syncing with your accounting system.

Connect global Amazon stores

Veeqo's Amazon software integrates with your stores in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India, China, UAE, Japan & Netherlands marketplaces.

Update Amazon order status

Veeqo automatically updates all relevant sales channels as soon as you ship or complete an order, so there's no need to log in to various platforms to keep everything aligned.

Ship with Amazon SFP

Use Veeqo's Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) integration to ship Prime orders from your own warehouse or 3PL with speed and accuracy.

Quickly pick & pack

Digitize your warehouse with the Veeqo Scanner - pick more orders, in less time, with greater accuracy and fewer staff.

Streamline your accounting

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data across Amazon and any other channel directly into your Xero, Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop accounting software.

100% cloud-based software

Access Veeqo’s cloud-based Amazon software from anywhere with an internet connection - via desktop, tablet or phone app.

View detailed insights

Run inventory, sales and fulfillment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions.

What ecommerce leaders say about Veeqo

“With Veeqo we processed 3x as many orders on our busiest day of the year”

Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning"

"The best order management service out there overall. I would highly recommend Veeqo, they've created a fluid application."

Amazon Inventory Management Guide
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Blog Post

Guide to Amazon Inventory Management

Learn how to perfectly track & organize your Amazon inventory with our free online guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Amazon inventory management software?

There's a lot of Amazon software out there - all differently suited depending on the needs of individual businesses. So the best Amazon inventory management software is whichever one fits into your operation the easiest.

Veeqo is best for growing and established online retailers selling on Amazon, plus multiple other channels. Our all-in-one solution handles both shipping and inventory in one platform, so you won't be paying to connect two (or more) systems together with several different logins and touchpoints.

Veeqo is designed to handle high volumes of orders and inventory in a single, cloud-based login area. Connect a wide range of Amazon stores, ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to see every order in one place, sync stock levels in real-time, and ship FBA or FBM via any of our 21+ direct carrier integrations. All meaning your ecommerce business can grow quickly with one, reliable system powering its operation.

Can I connect multiple sales channels to Veeqo on top of my Amazon store?

Yes! You can connect ecommerce websites running on major platforms like Shopify, Magento, Shopify Plus, WooCommerce and BigCommerce as well as multiple Amazon stores, online marketplaces and physical stores - a full list is available here. This allows you to manage orders, inventory, shipping and returns for all of them in one place.

The maximum number of these channels you can connect to Veeqo depends on what price plan you're on. You can see our pricing options here.

Which carriers can I ship my FBM orders with in Veeqo?

Veeqo directly integrates with 21 of the world’s leading shipping carriers, although we're always working on adding more on top of this. There's also no limit to the number you can connect to your account, regardless of what price plan you're on.

Some major carriers we integrate with are:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • Royal Mail
  • Australia Post
  • Deutsche Post DE

A full list can be seen here. But you also have the option of using our open API to build any custom integrations you might need.

Can I use Veeqo to fulfill orders via Amazon FBA or other 3PL?

Yes! Veeqo directly integrates with Amazon FBA and Torque 3PL - see more about our 3PL integrations here. You can also use our open API to build any custom integrations to other 3PL services you want to ship orders from.

You'll be able to ship individual orders manually through FBA or other 3PL, or set up an automatic fulfillment rule so it happens on autopilot. For example, set Prime and eBay orders to go through FBA, but Shopify orders via another 3PL or your own self-fulfilled warehouse. There's an almost limitless combination of rules to choose from.

Veeqo also fully supports Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) across all our shipping integrations, so you can fulfill all Prime orders directly from your own warehouse via any carrier. Learn more about our Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime integration here.

Do I need to log in to Amazon to update the status of my orders as they get fulfilled and completed?

Nope, Veeqo automatically updates order status on all relevant sales channels as soon as each one gets shipped or completed. So there's no need to log in to various platforms to keep everything aligned.

Does Veeqo integrate with stores on all of Amazon's worldwide marketplaces?

You can currently connect stores selling in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India, China, UAE, Japan and Netherlands Amazon marketplaces. We're also constantly working on adding more - check out the Veeqo Changelog for the latest updates.

All these Amazon marketplaces combine to count as just one sales channel when it comes to calculating Veeqo pricing.

Can I manage inventory and shipping in Veeqo if my business operates from more than one warehouse and/or FBA location?

Yes! You can ship orders and manage inventory for any number warehouses and FBA locations with a single Veeqo account.

You can also create warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers to easily move inventory around. And even automatically route orders to be fulfilled at specific warehouses or FBA locations based on conditions like delivery address, zip code or sales channel. All ensuring you always have the right amount of inventory in the right locations to ship orders as quickly as possible.

Will I have access to support?

Of course! All Veeqo Retailers get full access to our friendly and extremely highly rated support team via email, live chat or phone - regardless of what pricing tier you're on. Support agents are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday across UK and all mainland US time zones.