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Join hundreds of brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere

Join the hundreds of retail brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere


Shopify Plus Order & Inventory Management

Manage Shopify Plus orders, sync inventory, ship with speed & accuracy and process returns - all from one centralized platform.

Shopify Plus Order Management, Shopify Plus Inventory Management

Veeqo is trusted by hundreds of retail brands, including…

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Veeqo is a GetApp Category Leader

Here at Veeqo we are proud to say we integrate with BigCommerce.

A complete Shopify Plus order management solution

Automatically import all Shopify Plus orders

Sync multichannel inventory in real-time

Quickly pick, pack & ship Shopify Plus orders

Manage all your Shopify Plus returns in one place

Automatically import Shopify Plus orders

Never miss an order by auto importing sales from Shopify Plus and all other channels into one, easy-to-use platform.

Sync inventory in real-time

Eliminate overselling by syncing inventory across multiple Shopify stores, online marketplaces and physical stores in real-time.

Pick, pack & ship Shopify Plus orders

Pick & pack more orders in less time with the Veeqo Scanner. Then bulk ship from the same platform via one of 17+ carriers.

Manage returns in one place

Create returns and trigger full or partial Shopify refunds - giving support, warehouse and finance teams a single view all the way.

Key Shopify Plus Order & Inventory Management Features

Shopify Plus Order Management

Automatically import customer orders from all your ecommerce sites, online marketplaces and retail stores into one, easy-to-use platform with Veeqo’s Shopify Plus Order Management System. View, edit, print, ship and take complete control of your Shopify Plus order management process.

  • Automatically update order status on Shopify Plus and all other sales channels at each step of the fulfillment journey.

  • Quickly find any order with intelligent search technology and efficiently prioritize via advanced filters.

  • Clearly communicate any special requirements or details with your team via internal notes and tags.

Learn more about Shopify Plus order management in Veeqo.
Shopify Plus Order Management System OMS: Pull orders from your online store ready to manage and ship then update order status on Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus Inventory Management

Sync inventory across multiple Shopify Plus & standard Shopify stores, physical stores, ecommerce marketplaces and warehouses in real-time with Veeqo’s multichannel inventory management software. Make a sale anywhere and Veeqo instantly updates stock levels everywhere - so you never oversell.

  • Control how much stock shows for each Shopify Plus storefront and any other sales channel.

  • Keep inventory 100% accurate across multiple stores and warehouses, and bulk edit products in a few clicks.

  • Create unlimited product bundles & kits and still keep inventory perfectly balanced.

Learn more about Shopify Plus inventory management in Veeqo.
Multichannel Inventory Management Software: Sell online and in-store by syncing products and inventory across every channel

Digital Picking & Packing

Say goodbye to paper picking lists and laborious manual systems by running your entire pick & pack process with the Veeqo barcode scanner. Fulfill more orders, in less time, with greater accuracy and minimized labor costs.

  • Get through significantly more orders each day using digital batch picking.

  • Eliminate mispicks by scanning to confirm accuracy as orders are picked and packed.

  • Stop wasting hours every day printing and distributing paper pick lists.

Learn more about digital picking & packing in Veeqo.
Digital Picking & Packing: Use Shopify Plus to sell on your online store, then pick and pack each product quickly & accurately using the Veeqo Scanner

Shopify Plus Shipping & Fulfillment

Quickly and accurately ship a high volume of customer orders from Shopify Plus and all your other sales channels directly in Veeqo. We integrate with 17+ of the world's leading carriers, making it easy to ship to customers anywhere in the world.

  • Easily fulfill large order quantities by bulk printing up to 500 shipping labels in one go.

  • Track the status of every shipment from inside Veeqo - without logging in to Shopify Plus or your carrier account.

  • Save time by creating shipping rules to automate repetitive daily tasks.

Learn more about Shopify Plus order fulfillment in Veeqo.
Shopify Plus Shipping: Ship to customers after selling online, use automation to select the best carrier service, and view all tracking in one place

Shopify Plus Returns Management

Quickly, accurately and seamlessly manage every return from start to finish in Veeqo’s Shopify Plus Order Management System. Create returns, record the reason, easily update stock and issue refunds - all from one platform.

  • Easily create returns in Veeqo and process full or partial refund payments.

  • Give support, warehouse and finance teams a single view every step of the way, so no more spreadsheets or long email threads.

  • Record a reason for each return being made, then run reports to pinpoint where things commonly go wrong. (coming soon)

Learn more about returns in Veeqo.
Shopify Plus Returns Management: Use Shopify Plus to sell online, then Veeqo for tracking and managing all returns in one place

Direct integrations for your Shopify Plus store

Veeqo directly integrates your Shopify Plus store with a range of marketplaces, shipping carriers, 3PLs, point of sale (POS) systems, accounting software and more.

More Shopify order & inventory management features

Put repetitive daily tasks on autopilot

Create order rules that automate daily tasks based on a variety of triggers and conditions. Like defaulting to an expedited shipping service when a customer chooses next-day delivery at checkout.

Take control of warehouse management

Use Veeqo’s advanced Warehouse Management System features to organise, pick, pack and ship your inventory with masterful efficiency and speed.

Automatically update Shopify Plus order status

Veeqo automatically updates all relevant sales channels as soon as you ship or complete an order, so there's no need to log in to various platforms to keep everything aligned.

Easily manage purchase orders

Create, manage and track all suppliers and purchase orders in one place and book in new stock quicker than ever before.

Connect physical stores

Connect Shopify POS or Vend point of sale systems to integrate sales and inventory from any number of physical stores to Veeqo.

View detailed performance reports

Run inventory, sales and fulfilment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions.

Transfer warehouse stock

Create warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers so you always have the right inventory at the right locations to fulfil orders as fast as possible.

Streamline your accounting

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data across Shopify Plus and any other channel directly into your Xero, Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop accounting software.

Run a cloud-based operation

Access Veeqo’s cloud-based software from anywhere with an internet connection - via desktop, tablet or smartphone app.

What ecommerce leaders say about Veeqo

“With Veeqo we processed 3x as many orders on our busiest day of the year”

Joe Jaques
Commercial Director, Jaques London

Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning"

Harry Mann
Head Of Customer Experience, Brompton Bikes

"The best order management service out there overall. I would highly recommend Veeqo, they've created a fluid application."

Paolo Tripi
Director, eMegaStore
Order Management Guide
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PDF Download

Guide to Shopify Plus Order Management

Learn how to perfectly organize your entire ecommerce order management process with our free PDF guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect multiple sales channels to Veeqo on top of my Shopify Plus store?

Yes! You can connect multiple Shopify Plus and Shopify stores to Veeqo, along with a variety of other ecommerce platforms and marketplaces - a full list is available here. This allows you to manage orders, inventory, shipping and returns for all of them in one place.

Which carriers can I ship my orders with in Veeqo?

Veeqo directly integrates with 17 (and counting) of the world’s leading shipping carriers, with no limit to the number you can connect to your account. This includes USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and Royal Mail, but a full list can be seen here. You also have the option of using our open API to build any custom integrations you might need.

Can I manage inventory in Veeqo if my business operates from more than one warehouse?

Yes! Veeqo allows you to set up and manage inventory for any number warehouses. You can even create warehouse-to-warehouse stock transfers to ensure you always have the right amount of inventory in the right locations to fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

Does Veeqo integrate with all Shopify & Shopify Plus levels and price plans?

Yes. You can connect multiple stores to Veeqo whether they're on Basic Shopify, Standard Shopify, Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Can I use Veeqo to fulfill my Shopify Plus orders via Amazon FBA or other 3PL?

Yes, Veeqo directly integrates with Amazon FBA and Torque 3PL - you can see more about our 3PL integrations here. You can also use our open API to build any custom integrations to other 3PL services you want to ship orders from.

Can I connect physical retail and pop-up locations to Veeqo?

Yes! Veeqo integrates with both the Shopify POS and Vend in-store payment systems. This means sales data and inventory can be kept aligned across all online and offline channels, with it also being possible to fulfill ecommerce orders from physical stores.