USPS Inventory management and fufillment software.

USPS Inventory management and fufillment software.

Sync orders from Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay and more, then ship with USPS from one easy-to-use platform.

  • Manage your shipping from USPS and 21+ other channels
  • Amazon like pick and pack with digital scanners & barcodes.
  • Shipping integrations with UPS, USPS, Fedex and more
  • Starting from $5 per month.
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21+ Direct Integrations with Realtime USPS Order Sync

Ship customer orders from any sales channel, using USPS or any other shipping provider.

Veeqo Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

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Veeqo Amazon Integration

Amazon Integration

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Veeqo WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce Integration

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Veeqo Magento Integration

Magento Integration

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Veeqo eBay Integration

eBay Integration

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Veeqo BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce Integration

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“Bottom line, we make more money shipping it ourselves”

“The most common review we have had since coming to Veeqo is how quickly products are getting to customers. As soon as orders come in, we can ship them out and can do it quickly.”

Printed Party

Cooper Miller Product Manager , Printed Party

Integrates with

Veeqo Amazon integration
Veeqo Shopify integration
Veeqo Ebay integration
Veeqo Etsy integration
Veeqo USPS integration

USPS Inventory Management & Shipping

Sync your inventory in real-time, fulfill orders faster and drive more 5 star reviews.

The Lowest Shipping Rates

Shipping with Veeqo automatically gives you access to the lowest USPS shipping rates.

Savings of up to 46%

Pay the lowest possible price on USPS shipping services including Priority Mail, Flat Rate, Regional Rate, Express Mail, and International.

Commercial Plus Pricing

Commercial Plus Pricing – access huge discounts that are usually reserved for retailers shipping more than 50K parcels per year.

All rates available in Veeqo are for every customer order from any sales channel.

Key USPS Integration Features

Ship from all your stores

Connect all your stores and marketplaces to Veeqo and start shipping all your customer orders via USPS at the click of a button – everything is handled in a single platform.

Find our calculator here

Diversify your shipping

Start shipping with new carriers at any time and start shipping with a click of a button.

One service for your inventory, picking and shipping from $48 per month

Unify your inventory

Unify your inventory

Sync your orders from all your sales channels, including Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and 21+ other integrations.

Easily fulfill orders

Easily fulfill orders

Speed through your orders with optimised picking digital picking scanners, dashboards, and clever automations.

Ship with discounted rates

Ship with discounted rates

Quickly bulk ship orders from any sales channel, automate repetitive shipping tasks, and enjoy discounted rates.

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Ship with all USPS Services

Every USPS Service

Veeqo supports all USPS shipping services – so however you need to ship customer orders, every service is available at your fingertips.

– First Class Package Service
– First Class Package International Service
– Priority Mail
– Priority Mail Cubic
– Priority Mail International
– Priority Mail Express
– Priority Mail Express International
– Parcel Select
– Address Validation

Automate your USPS shipments

USPS on autopilot

Save time by creating automation rules that speed up your entire USPS shipping process.

For example, if a customer has ordered a high-value item, set a tracked USPS delivery service to be selected as default.

All meaning you can forget about those repetitive daily shipping tasks by putting large parts of your USPS fulfillment process on autopilot.


Give your customers the experience they deserve

Everything you need to achieve Amazon-like speed and reliability.


Upgrade to multichannel unity. Integrate, sync and unlock visibility.

Starting from

  • Unify orders and sync inventory across 10+ sales channels

  • Organize and streamline picking

  • Ship via 21+ shipping carriers

Most popular

High Growth

Optimize your sales with purchasing, automation and inventory forecasting tools.

Starting from

  • Built to optimize and grow your business

  • Purchasing and forecasting tools

  • Manage user permissions for staff

  • Returns management


Warehouse level efficiency for established organizations.

Starting from

  • Ultimate warehouse control

  • Digital picking and batch picking

  • Warehouse productivity reporting

USPS Returns Management

Total order visibility across all channels

Manage multichannel returns in one place from start to finish using Veeqo. Create returns, record the reason, update stock and issue refunds – all from one platform.

Full returns visibility for your entire team

Give support, warehouse and finance teams a single view every step of the way – without spreadsheets or long email threads.

Issue all refund types

Handle full or partial returns, and process full or partial USPS refunds.

USPS shipping management made easy

Every sales channel connected to USPS

Take complete control of your USPS shipping process. Manage every customer order from any sales channel, with a range of shipping options all in a single place.

Just some of the sales channels Veeqo supports are:

– Magento USPS Integration
– Shopify USPS Integration
– Shopify Plus USPS Integration
– WooCommerce USPS Integration
– BigCommerce USPS Integration
– Amazon USPS Integration
– eBay USPS Integration
– OpenCart USPS Integration
– Walmart USPS Integration
– Etsy USPS Integration

More reasons retailers love our USPS integration

All-in-one management software

Manage orders, sync inventory, ship to customers and handle returns – so you can grow quickly

Supports USPS Priority Mail

Working with most Priority Mail services, covering regional flat rate boxes – making it simple to ship internationally or domestically within the US.

2D barcode support

Choose to print 2D barcodes for your USPS labels so that a delivery confirmation can be created once items are delivered.

Automatically mark orders as “shipped”

Once shipped, Veeqo automatically updates the relevant sales channel to let your customer know their order is on its way.

Print commercial invoices

Print commercial invoices and all product information on your relevant customs forms.

Returns management

Manage returns in one place – saving and reusing each order’s information so it’s easy to re-send to customers via USPS.

USPS parcel tracking

Seamlessly track the status of all your orders and packages, without having to log in to your USPS account or any other platform.

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Your inventory, picking and shipping from $8 per month

Revolutionise your ecommerce business with the power of 4 platforms in one. Manage inventory, pick orders, ship and report all from one dashboard.

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Loved by thousands of merchants like you
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