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Veeqo - setting serious retail brands free

Veeqo is trusted by retail brands all across America, including…

Veeqo is trusted by Brompton Bikes
Veeqo is trusted by Dove
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Veeqo is trusted by hundreds of retail brands, including…

Veeqo rating on Capterra Veeqo rating on Capterra
Veeqo is a GetApp Category Leader

Order Management in Veeqo

  • Wholesale
  • Returns

Multichannel orders

Veeqo's order management system syncs order across all your US sales channels - including your ecommerce website, marketplaces and physical stores. With every order in one single platform, it's easy to print shipping labels and ship to customers in America and all over the world.

Clare Fletcher

"We sell on so many different channels – 3 Magento websites, multiple marketplaces and a showroom. Managing orders from multiple places was impossible for us - until we found Veeqo."Clare Fletcher, Le Beauty quote


Manage your wholesale orders and automatically keep your inventory updated. Take orders by phone or mail, set individual or group price lists, minimum order amounts and apply discounts. Bulk pick and ship your orders. Send customized invoices by email and get them paid quickly online.

Jon O

"Veeqo has helped us to completely transform our internal fulfilment, production, and ordering processes. We're super excited about growing our business together with Veeqo!"Jon O, Vape Shoreditch quote


Manage all your returns and refunds in on place across your customer service, warehouse and finance teams. Find orders by customer name, date and order numbers. Do full or partial refunds and set the reason for return. Receive returns and put items back into stock or write them off.

Paolo Tripi

"The best order management service out there overall. I would highly recommend Veeqo, they've created a fluid application."Paolo Tripi, ExtremeGrip Pro quote

Every order from every channel in one place

Veeqo's order management system directly integrates with the world's most popular ecommerce platforms, marketplaces and POS systems.

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Order Management System Features

Bulk print hundreds of shipping labels

Get a single view of orders from your ecommerce store, online marketplaces and every other sales channel. Then quickly print hundreds of shipping labels at once.

Meaning you deliver orders to your customers’ more quickly than ever before.

Bulk print hundreds of shipping labels

Create branded custom invoices

Use Veeqo’s built-in templates to create stylish invoices, packing slips and picking lists in seconds. Making it easy to design stunning communication that has you standing out from the crowd.

You can even set up multiple templates to customize for different brands and sales channels.

Create branded custom invoices

Find orders in record time

Just scan a product or invoice barcode and all the order details instantly appear on screen. Meaning you can find any order you want in record time.

No more manual searching or time-wasting copy-and-pasting. Just scan and go so your whole warehouse moves at optimal efficiency and speed.

Find orders in record time

Instantly run detailed sales reports

Know your true sales performance in seconds. Veeqo lets you run detailed sales reports broken down by channel, store, product, category, order status or by specific team members. View your gross or net sales, gross profit, and marketplace fees - and even export your data to CSV for further analysis.

Improve picking accuracy with the Veeqo Scanner

Veeqo Scanner

Perfect order picking

The Veeqo Scanner provides enterprise-level barcode scanner capabilities to retailers of any size.

Improve your order picking accuracy

Auto-print on specific printers

Route different documents to specific printers. Set invoices to automatically print on an A4 device, while labels go to your thermal - all without a PDF download in sight.

Auto-print on specific printers

Create internal order notes & tags

Clearly communicate any special requirements or VIP customer orders by creating an unlimited number of internal notes and tags. You can even add notes to individual line items in an order.

Create internal order notes & tags

Quickly search for orders

No more wasting time sifting through your orders and products. Quickly find any order by searching via product title, customer name, address, SKU, sales channel or any way you like.

Quickly search for orders

Prioritize orders with advanced filters

Easily organize orders by applying advanced filter options. Sort by store, delivery method, destination, Prime, order weight, items per order, inventory locations, order date, date shipped or any way you want.

Prioritize orders with advanced filters

See complete order history

Create accountability and visibility like never before with easy access to a complete record of every action taken on each order.

See complete order history

Helpdesk integrations

Veeqo can send order details of any customer order directly to multiple Helpdesk CRMs - including delivery info, payments, or anything else you need to know to solve a customer's ticket.

View Helpdesk integrations

Helpdesk integrations

More Order Management System Features for Retailers

View detailed performance reports

Run inventory, sales, and fulfillment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions.

Take control of warehouse management

Use Veeqo’s advanced Warehouse Management System features to organize, pick, pack and ship your inventory with masterful efficiency and speed.

Connect physical stores

Connect Shopify POS or Vend point of sale systems to integrate sales and inventory from any number of physical stores to Veeqo.

Streamline your accounting

Push inventory, sales and purchasing data from every channel directly into your Xero, Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop accounting software.

Easily manage purchase orders

Create, manage and track all suppliers and purchase orders in one place. When new stock arrives, book it in quickly with the Veeqo Scanner.

Run a cloud-based operation

Access Veeqo’s cloud-based software from anywhere with an internet connection - via desktop, tablet or smartphone app.

Questions people ask about Order Management

What is an order management system?

An order management system, sometimes referred to as an OMS, is a single system for running an omnichannel business. This includes processing orders from multiple sales channels (such as from an ecommerce website, marketplaces and physical stores), creating new customer orders via telephone and email, forecasting and purchasing inventory and warehouse management.

How many order management system companies are there in the USA?

There are as many as 200 different order management system available in the USA. Some have very limited amounts of functionality, whilst others will be much more complex - pulling in orders from any number of sales channels and allowing you to view all aspects of every customer order.

What are the advantages of an order management system?

A good order management system helps businesses save time and money. By keeping track of every order from every channel, it’s easier to pick, pack and ship to customers more quickly and accurately. You save time by not having to log in to multiple platforms to manage orders, and reduce overheads by streamlining the order shipping process.

How much does an order management system cost?

Different order management systems can range in price. They start from a monthly subscription of $100 (or less) for a very basic system for small businesses, and go up to tens of thousands of dollars per year for larger businesses selling to customers around the world.

What key features should an OMS have in the USA?

The best OMS will have a number of key features, including:
  • Pulling in orders from every sales channel in real-time
  • Option to manually create new customer orders via phone and email
  • Ability to search and find customer orders
  • Direct integrations with U.S. shipping carriers so orders can be fulfilled
  • Returns functionality so that orders can be returned and refunded
  • Ability to create and process B2B wholesale orders

What ecommerce leaders say about Veeqo

"Absolutely amazing system that really makes despatching orders and managing stock levels easier. I can keep track of everything that is being sent, and there is always someone to assist."

"Veeqo does what it promised – cut our dispatch time from five minutes to two #winning"

"The best order management service out there overall. I would highly recommend Veeqo, they've created a fluid application."