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Join hundreds of brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere

Join the hundreds of retail brands using Veeqo to sell and ship everywhere


order management

What is Order Management?

Order management is all about keeping track of and organizing sales orders coming into a business, usually from a variety of different online and offline channels. In ecommerce, it will usually include the processes needed to deliver an order to the end customer and handle any resulting returns.

A typical order management process would involve:

  • Capturing order data
  • Processing payment
  • Receiving order details in warehouse
  • Entering order into a picking queue
  • Actually picking items from shelves
  • Packing items together
  • Shipping out to the customer
  • Handling any returns

It’s possible to handle all this manually through a series of spreadsheets. But most retailers would utilize some form of order management system (OMS).

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