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Do you have shipping headache?

Managing all of your ecommerce moving parts can make your head ache. As your business grows, you have to consider order management, inventory control, label printing, shipping rate management, returns, customer support, delivery tracking and…the list goes on.

What you want is a solution designed to help you manage these challenges easily. One that offers you automated tools and one-click access to information and services so you can focus on growing your business and not on your growing admin.

Which is why we’ve turned our gaze towards and Endicia and looked at the pros and cons of using these sites alongside all their features and services.

Table of Contents

  • Overview

  • Features of

  • Pros and Cons of

  • Endicia Overview

  • Features of Endicia

  • Pros and Cons of Endicia

  • Alternative options Overview

Based in the US, is licensed by both the U.S Postal Service (USPS) and UPS, allowing you to buy and print postage online using a service known as NetStamps.

This was a first-of-its-kind service that let anyone print their postage from anywhere without being locked into a delivery address or mailing date.

In short, it lets you print your own stamps.

Key features of

  • Discounted shipping rates

  • 24/7/365 support over email, phone or chat

  • Services for small businesses and enterprises

  • Fast shipping label printing

  • Easy and automatic order importing

  • Automated tracking information shared with customers

  • Multiple location shipping

Carriers is an independent company but is currently limited to shipping only with USPS and UPS carriers. This does inhibit your shipping options and the opportunity to find lower rates with other carriers.

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You can import your order details using integrations for leading marketplaces and channels that include: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, 3DCart, Magneto, Yahoo!, Zen Cart and XCart. Pricing* has several offers available to newcomers. When you join, you get a free 5LB digital scale, $5 in free postage for four weeks and another $20 if you complete the trial, and a free supplies kit. The monthly cost is a set fee of $19.99 plus taxes.

*Last accessed December 2023

Pros of offers you a solid feature set within a tightly managed ecosystem that makes easy label printing and shipping a priority. This focus on labels and shipping shows in the smooth services and automated capabilities provided by the platform.

The pros include:

  • Accessible online service that saves time and money

  • Easy to use software

  • Good value for money

  • No queues in the post office!

  • Functionality

What customers said:

“I started using because I used to stand in line at the post office and would see people walking past me and put their packages down on the counter and leave. So, one day I ask someone how do you put your packages up and walk out. And they told me I make frequent trips to the post office this was intriguing to me. I looked up the service and decided that this was something of an innovation.” – Ron on Capterra.

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Cons of

  • Can only be used to ship with USPS and UPS

  • Customer service can be patchy

  • The software can be glitchy

  • Can be difficult to cancel the service

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Endicia Overview

Endicia is designed to help small to medium-sized companies manage their shipping more effectively. 

It provides a variety of features, automated tools and services that make your life easier and smoother when it comes to shipping and managing your orders. It is part of the family of products so benefits from similar investments and development.

Endicia is an excellent choice for businesses that want to ship globally as it has a ton of features geared toward just that.

Key features of Endicia

  • Warehouse automation and management tools

  • USPS integration across warehouse operations

  • International shipping

  • Automatic order importing

  • Electronic customs management

  • Global address verification

  • Door-to-door parcel tracking

  • Batch label printing and return shipping label printing


Endicia exclusively uses USPS so you’re limited to this carrier and its services and pricing.


Endicia has direct integrations with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce, 3D Cart, Magneto and Yahoo!.

Endicia Pricing

You get one pricing option with Endicia - $19.99 a month* plus any relevant taxes. However, you also get a four-week trial period, automatic USPS discounted rates that can be up to 84% for domestic shipping and 8% discounted for international shipping, and reduced parcel insurance costs.

*Last accessed December 2023

Pros of Endicia

The platform is designed to make the most out of USPS which means it is really fine-tuned when it comes to getting the most from the carrier, both locally and internationally. Additional benefits include:

  • Print labels in the office or at home

  • Easy to understand shipping and label printing software

  • Integration with order fulfillment systems

  • Order imports are easy to manage

  • Well-priced service with solid discounts

What the reviewers say:

“Allowed us to easily import orders from QuickBooks and process USPS labels very efficiently. Shipping internationally through USPS is a breeze. Easily create return shipping labels..” – Nate on Capterra.

Cons of Endicia

  • Mixed reviews around the customer service

  • Printer errors can take a while to process or get refunds

  • Poor reviews

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Why choose Veeqo over Endicia and

Endicia and both offer you the ability to print stamps from anywhere, which can be immensely beneficial when you’re managing a business, bulk orders and a growing client list.

However, the companies have recently merged which has also led to some teething issues and they both are reliant on a limited number of carriers.

While both have their limitations, they are well-priced and deliver a much-needed service that can really help you get your business admin under control.

Veeqo, on the other hand, provides you with multiple carrier options and integrations alongside an extensive feature list that expands into warehouse management systems, order management, and so much more.

It allows for you to deftly manage multiple parts of your business from one central location which really does simplify your life and your admin.

We are also a very reliable alternative to Auctane’s shipping software brands.

Faster, cheaper shipping

Veeqo integrates with multiple carriers and automatically chooses the best value label for every order you receive on any commerce channel so you don’t have to hunt for discounts and you can ship up to 100 orders simultaneously.

We also give you one-click purchasing of up to 100 shipping labels using our smart rate-shopping tool which also lets you add insurance, return labels or split orders without complexity.

Veeqo’s integrations

Veeqo has a ton of integrations that are all connected in one place so your selling is effortless. When it comes to carriers, we have UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and Amazon Shipping.

Our ecommerce channels include Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magneto and WooCommerce while our marketplaces extend to Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart. 


We understand that you want to scale your business but in the easiest and most efficient way possible which is why we’ve got a really wide feature set designed to support you.

Our inventory management tools improve fulfillment efficiency and customer satisfaction by preventing stock-outs, forecasting customer demand, automating inventory tasks, and keeping inventory up to date across your marketplaces, stores and locations.

The Veeqo Scanner is fully integrated with our suite of shipping, inventory and warehouse management tools and is a stand-alone wireless device that will speed up your order picking process. 

And, to add value to your bottom line, you can access the lowest commercially available rates, based on our pre-negotiated pricing from UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL, and up to 5% back with Veeqo Credits.

Ease of use

Veeqo is very easy to use. We have developed our features along clean lines and a seamless user experience so you can enjoy all the functionality without the stress.

Customer support

Customer support is a big focus for us. We know that running a business can be stressful and complicated and so we work to make sure we aren’t part of the stress or the complications.

Here’s what some of our reviews have to say:

“Now with the Veeqo system in operation, we are able to have cast iron control over our inventory management! We are looking forward to the rollout of product pushing from the Veeqo system that will allow us to create all of our SKU's in one location and push them through to all required channels with ease!” –Paul on Capterra

Veeqo Pricing

Veeqo is free with unlimited users, shipping and orders and no hidden costs. That’s it. We partner with our shipping carriers to deliver this free service.

Create your free Veeqo account today and discover how simple shipping management can be.

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