Veeqo Unboxed Q2 2024: Exciting New Features

  • Written by Kwamina Vandyke
Veeqo Unboxed Q2 2024: Exciting New Features

Seven new features for faster shipping, efficiency gains and account protection!

The ecosystem of shipping is constantly evolving, inviting new pain points and demands. Luckily for you, Veeqo innovates as fast as we ship, very quickly! After kicking off 2024 with a bang by releasing ten exciting new Veeqo product features in Q1, including the much-anticipated Smart Order Routing, we're thrilled to announce seven more new features released in Q2, with many more updates planned for the rest of the year.

1. Automatically remember package weights and dimensions

Remember weight and dims

Sellers have expressed how automation would make the shipping process easier, and we understand it's unlikely you'll be able to remember every tiny little detail of every single product you ship out - especially if you're shipping high volumes of orders each day.

However, when product specifications are recurring, having them stored somewhere makes achieving efficiency much easier. So we're excited to announce our new feature that makes this much, much easier.

You're now able to specify a product's size and weight once, and Veeqo will remember it for future orders with that same item. Veeqo remembers the combined dimensions and weight for frequently shipped combinations of products, eliminating the need to re-enter specifications when shipping items together.

No need to repeat! Saving you time that you can put back into your business.

2. Speedier bulk shipping

Speedier bulk print

All of our sellers want to be more efficient and find innovative new ways to optimize their shipping - we've spoken to so many of you, and it's the main thing that always comes up in our conversations with sellers - but it often depends on the tools and features you're using.

Mike Truffa of A1 Great Deals told us, "Ever since we've been able to print 100 labels at a time with packing slips, it's saved hours of time a day." He went on to say, "On the amount of shipments we're doing right now, I would have been printing labels way past 5 pm, starting at 9 am. It would take all day."

Enhancing efficiency translates to faster output and more revenue, which is why our product team has been working hard to optimize Veeqo's bulk shipping feature. We're excited to announce that in addition to our bulk shipping feature, you can also now buy and print labels in bulk with just one click.

This single-click bulk printing saves time by allowing you to tackle other tasks while the labels process and print.

Read the A1 Great Deals Seller Spotlight to find out more about how Veeqo has helped Mike's business.

3. Ship your orders internationally with UPS

While international shipping involves navigating complex customs and documentation across countries, fear not - we understand new markets bring new needs.

Veeqo has you covered! When you receive an international order, we'll show you discounted shipping rates from major carriers, and you'll receive 5% back in Veeqo Credits on eligible international shipments. It just keeps getting better!

In addition to shipping internationally with USPS and DHL through Veeqo, you can now ship internationally with UPS Standard, UPS Worldwide Expedited, UPS Worldwide Express, or UPS Worldwide Saver.

4. New domestic services now available

International shipping isn't the only expansion we're doing. As well as expanding our international shipping services, we've also expanded our domestic shipping services.

We listened to your need for more ground options, and you can now access UPS Ground Saver and FedEx Ground Economy for all your multichannel orders. Streamlining your business has never been so exciting!

Further reading: Guide to Shipping with UPS

5. Track your Veeqo Credits

And finally, you can now export a detailed report showcasing all the Veeqo Credits you've earned within a specified time period. This report helps you with shipping cost calculations, and serves as a source of truth for payment reconciliation.

Mike Truffa, owner of beauty retailer A1 Great Deals, loves earning Veeqo Credits and is able to clearly see how many Credits he's had in a specific time period, as well as the total amount. He told us, "We get Credits daily, we've gotten $13,469.36 back since September [to April]. It's been a lot."

We've given over $1 million back in Veeqo Credits since it launched last September, helping sellers lower their costs and create more efficiencies in their businesses, and we're excited to build even more features to help your business grow!

Ben Chappell, co-founder of toy retailer, eChapps, says: “One of the first things that drew us to Veeqo was the multichannel fulfillment inventory options, especially keeping track of inventory levels. Immediately when switching to Veeqo we probably saved $15,000 over the year, and that’s just money straight back into our pockets. Along with that, the shipping credits has been huge, and just the different inventory management tools and reporting have been incredibly useful.”

Coming Soon to Veeqo

Two new features we think you’ll love:

1. Ship on future date

Ship on future date

Not ready to send the order today? Soon you’ll be able to select a future date so that you get the correct rates, the carrier comes to pick it up on the right day, and your customers get updated based on the shipping date.

2. Keyboard and scanner shortcuts to boost your teams' productivity

With hotkeys, you and your team can now complete a wide range of actions using just your keyboard or a barcode scanner, eliminating the need for a mouse.

Who needs a mouse when your team can complete a wide range of actions using just your keyboard or a barcode scanner.

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