Take your business wherever you go

Manage your inventory, keep up with sales
and cut order processing time all from your iPhone.


Update stock levels in seconds

Scan your product barcode with your phone camera to update stock levels across all of your stores straight away.

View all the key information about your products

Including which stores they are being sold on, their price and how many are left in stock.

Image showing how to manage order, inventory and stock management on the Veeqo mobile app

Sales reports on the move

See your sales for today and yesterday wherever you are broken down per store, including your gross profit and margin.

Speed up order processing

Create a pick list in seconds and scan product barcodes from across your warehouse to get orders out the door quickly and picked correctly.

Keep track of your inventory from anywhere

Whether it’s a trade show, down the warehouse or in the spare bedroom, it’s easier than ever to keep your inventory up to date.

Why retailers use Veeqo


Manage all your orders from one place and keep your stores updated instantly to stop overselling.


Print 100’s of Royal Mail, USPS, UPS and Fedex shipping labels in just a few clicks and save up to 5 minutes per order.

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