FedEx One Rate vs FedEx Standard Rate: Which is Best?

  • Written by Jana Gentry Smith
FedEx One Rate vs FedEx Standard Rate: Which is Best?

In ecommerce, your shipping strategy is your linchpin. Choosing the right shipping service for your business can mean the difference between happy customers and bleeding budgets.

If you’re going with FedEx instead of UPS or USPS, you’ve likely noticed it offers two core options: One Rate and Standard.

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The right choice isn't just about packaging and shipping—it's about optimizing speed, cost, and customer satisfaction.

This comparison of the two strips away the fluff and lays out the fundamentals. We'll tackle cost considerations and customer satisfaction so it’s easier for you to decide between them.

Ready to unpack the logistics with us? Let's get into it.

Table of Contents

  • Why you should use FedEx

  • What is FedEx One Rate

  • What is FedEx Standard Rate

  • FedEx One Rate or Standard Rate: Which Suits Your Business

Why you should use FedEx

Are you looking to ship worldwide with a reliable, flexible, and convenient courier? FedEx offers all of that. Here's why:

  • Reliability: FedEx is known for on-time deliveries

  • Global reach: It delivers to over 220 countries and territories.

  • Flexibility: One of their many shipping options should fit your business needs.

  • Technology: FedEx's real-time tracking means you can monitor your package's journey.

  • Customer service: FedEx is renowned for its customer support.

While FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL bring something different, FedEx is hard to beat if shipping speed is your priority.

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What is FedEx One Rate?

In 2013, FedEx launched One Rate as its flat-rate shipping option that takes much of the guesswork out of shipping your products.

FedEx One Rate pricing is available with these U.S. domestic shipping services:

  • FedEx First Overnight

  • FedEx Priority Overnight

  • FedEx Standard Overnight

  • FedEx Express Saver

  • FedEx 2Day AM

  • FedEx 2Day

Once you’ve decided which service to use with One Rate, you can go from packing to shipping your products quicker because you’ll know what to expect from the get-go.

What are the benefits of FedEx One Rate?

In FedEx One Rate’s simplicity lies many of its benefits. Here’s what you have to look forward to if you choose this shipping option:

  • Free packaging: Order it online ahead of time, and FedEx will deliver it to you.

  • Free shipment protection: FedEx covers up to $100 in declared value for each shipment.

  • Convenience: You can schedule pickup at your home or drop-off at one of 57,000 locations.

  • Predictable pricing: You don’t have to worry about weighing or the risk of incorrect estimates.

  • No hidden costs: There aren’t extra charges for fuel or residential or delivery area surcharges.

  • Flexible delivery options: Choose if your customers receive their packages in 1, 2, or 3 days.

  • User-friendly online dashboard: Manage everything from ordering boxes to choosing rates and shipment dates.

Still on the fence? FedEx One Rate shipments have a money-back guarantee, so you can trust their service.

If you have a consistent customer base and are comfortable with set delivery schedules, FedEx One Rate could be just what you need.

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Determining the cost of FedEx One Rate shipping

Since most service elements are preset, you can use the FedEx One Rate calculator to calculate which flat rate applies to your shipment. Here's what else you need to know about FedEx One Rate’s costs:

  • Packages should be under 50 lbs, and envelopes under 10 lbs.

  • FedEx supplies 12 free packaging options from small to extra large.

  • No fuel, residential, or delivery area surcharges are added to FedEx One Rate packages.

  • Rates vary based on the Local, Regional, or National Zone (as seen in the charts below).

  • Since the rates are divided into zones—the farther the package needs to travel, the higher the cost.

If you’re delivering within 150 miles, here are the rates you pay within the Local Zone:

fedex one rate local zone

As you cover more distance, the prices increase, as you can see with these Regional Zone rates:

fedex one rate regional zone

Finally, the National Zone lets you deliver within the US. Your shipping area expands, but so do the rates:

fedex one rate national zone

What is FedEx Standard Rate?

Unlike its all-inclusive sibling— FedEx One Rate—FedEx Standard Rate is more of an à la carte shipping option.

FedEx Standard Rate is ideal for businesses with more extensive shipping needs or those who want more flexibility with package dimensions and weight.

For instance, this option could offer better value if you're shipping heavy packages.

Since distance, weight, and package dimensions determine FedEx Standard Rate prices, you can customize your shipping to suit your needs. Packaging is a separate cost, but you can choose from various FedEx packaging options.

FedEx Standard Rate is popular because of its flexibility, but some find the unpredictable costs of shipping intimidating even though sometimes it’s less expensive than One Rate.

Some find that the time and peace of mind they save from knowing the price upfront is worth spending some change.

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What are the benefits of FedEx Standard Rate shipping?

While FedEx Standard Rate shipping boasts many of the same standard FedEx benefits as One Rate, like real-time tracking, reliability, and affordability, let's explore the benefits that FedEx Standard Rate shipping brings to the table that One Rate doesn’t have:

There are a few key reasons an ecommerce business may choose FedEx Standard Rate shipping over FedEx One Rate shipping:

  • Lower costs: Savings add up if you have a high shipment volume and ship long distances.

  • More wiggle room: There are more package dimensions and weight options.

  • Committed delivery times: Standard Rates have longer but more precise delivery times.

Given these perks, it makes sense that FedEx Standard Rate shipping is a crowd favorite. Now, let's look into how costs are determined.

Determining FedEx Standard Rate for shipping

Remember those high school algebra word problems that sent shivers down your spine? FedEx has a fix for that—the FedEx Shipping Rate Calculator is a personal shipping advisor, turning complex into simple.

The calculator takes all the details and crunches the numbers for you. To get started, be ready to provide the following information:

  • Your shipping origin and destination

  • Whether you need additional insurance

  • If the delivery location is a residence or business

  • If you're using FedEx packaging or your own

  • The number of packages you're sending

  • The dimensions of each package

  • The weight of each package

  • Your preferred shipping date

Now, armed with these insights, let's jump into the face-off: FedEx One Rate versus FedEx Standard Rate. It's time to find the rates that are the best fit for your ecommerce business.

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FedEx One Rate or Standard Rate: Which Suits Your Business?

Wrapping up this FedEx shipping guide, both FedEx One Rate and Standard Rate bring the efficiency and speed FedEx is known for. Deciding the best shipping service for your ecommerce business comes down to your specific requirements:

With FedEx One Rate, you’ll know the exact costs upfront and get the package on its way faster. If you have regular customers, FedEx One Rate gives you a consistent shipping price within a specified zone.

With FedEx Standard Rate, you might save a little more, especially if you have larger shipping needs and want more flexibility in package dimensions and weight. Still, you’ll put in extra work when calculating the rate because there are more variables.

FedEx rates can feel like a maze with all its varied shipping services. Choose the wrong service or box size, and you might be hit with double the cost.

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