5 Reasons to Ship Your International Packages With DHL

  • Written by Jana Gentry Smith
5 Reasons to Ship Your International Packages With DHL

When shipping your packages internationally, there are many options - one of which is DHL. So why choose DHL international shipping?

Here are five reasons to ship your international packages with DHL:

  1. Reliability

  2. Global reach

  3. Customer support

  4. Wide range of services

  5. Sustainable shipping practices

Let’s look at each more closely.


First, DHL international shipping is one of the most reliable options when sending packages abroad. 

Not only does DHL have tools to make things easier for shippers (like this international shipping checklist), but their combination of experience and connections means that they can leverage scale for both speed and reliability, with a delivery success rate of over 99%.

Also, DHL’s tracking systems allow you to track the status of your shipments in real time.

DHL international shipping also offers incredible speed, including many next-business-day and same-day options.

Same day 

Next business day

DHL Jetline 

DHL Secureline

DHL Express

DHL Express Easy

DHL Express Worldwide

Most of these options include guarantees, as well, in addition to tracking.

And if you’re wondering how to ship DHL international? Using Veeqo’s DHL integrations and automated shipping software can help make shipping internationally with DHL much more approachable.

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DHL's Global Reach

What’s more, DHL has an impressive global reach. With facilities in over 220 countries and territories, DHL international shipping is an option in as many (if not more) countries as UPS or FedEx. 

Want to get packages nearly anywhere in the world and get them there quickly? Here are your options:

  • DHL Express

  • DHL Express Easy

  • DHL Express Worldwide

  • DHL Jetline

  • DHL Secureline

And because DHL rarely uses other services, even for last-mile delivery, you can trust DHL international shipping to be fast, accurately tracked, and delivered at the quoted time.

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Excellent Customer Support

DHL also offers top-notch customer support. Along with a team of dedicated customer service reps who are incredibly responsive and helpful, DHL also provides detailed tracking information and shipping advice.

This means they’ll be available to help resolve any issues that may arise if you are unsure how to ship DHL internationally in the most cost-effective way for your packages.

That’s a big part of why DHL is one of the most trusted international shipping brands, even outside DHL's international price competitiveness. Numerous industry sources name DHL as either the best international shipping brand or one of the top three.

DHL international prices are competitive with other top shipping options, and their customer support sets DHL international shipping apart. Because of such strong customer support, DHL is best for dangerous goods requiring special handling or documentation.

Also, DHL offers greater contract language flexibility than many other options. Many shipping partners try to lock sellers into rigid contracts with volume requirements. Instead, DHL international shipping allows much more flexibility in shipments’ numbers and size. 

Finally, because Veeqo negotiates rates on sellers’ behalf—including negotiated rates with DHL—you can use Veeqo’s rate shop feature to find the best rate quickly. If negotiating your shipping rate sounds like a hassle, Veeqo’s pre-negotiated rates can save you time and money.

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They Offer a Wide Range of Services

Another advantage of DHL international shipping is the range of services. Let’s take a moment to explore those options.

Same-day Shipping Options

DHL Jetline

DHL Jetline expedites emergency shipments by putting them on the next possible flight out of the country. Additionally, DHL Jetline includes pre-arrival customs clearance and expedited last-mile delivery to ensure your packages arrive quickly.

DHL Secureline

DHL Secureline adds an additional, enhanced layer of security with dedicated charter services. For smaller shipments, a dedicated on-board courier is assigned to your packages.

Next-Business-Day Shipping Options

DHL Express

For time-critical shipments, you can choose the delivery time slot you want your package delivered the next business day: 

  • 9:00 AM,

  • 10:30 AM, 

  • or 12:00 PM. 

While there are some restrictions—your shipment may not exceed 300 kg or dimensions of 120 x 80 x 80 (in cm), nor is it available in every country—DHL Express offers a refund if delivered later than the quoted time (per their Money-Back Guarantee).

DHL Express Easy

DHL Express Easy means you can have your package in any of those other countries by the next business day. Simply drop off your package at a DHL location near you. (Note that DHL Express Easy has a 25 kg weight limit and is best for single-piece shipments.)

DHL Express Worldwide

Express Worldwide may be the best option for larger packages, given that your shipment may be up to 1,000 kg and maximum dimensions of 120 x 80 x 80 cm, or pallets up to 300 kg and dimensions of 300 x 200 x 160 cm. This is true even for some dangerous goods, such as flammable liquids and solids, which many shippers will not allow.

Multi-day Shipping Options

DHL Global Forwarding

DHL Global Freight Forwarding (DGFF) is a freight management service for air and ocean freight forwarding services. It brokers transport services between customers and freight carriers to offer the most efficient routing and transport services possible. 

DGFF is also the third-largest ocean freight forwarder in the world, so if this is an option you need to pursue, you can be assured of quality shipping.

Air Freight

While faster, air freight options are generally more expensive. There are occasionally air freight options—especially through DGFF—that get your packages to their destination within a few days without costing as much as the same-day and next-business-day options.

Ocean Freight

DGFF ocean freight options abound, including Ocean Bulk and Ocean Non-Containizered Load shipping. In either case, DGFF ships bulk liquids and dry cargo safely and efficiently with in-house designed and manufactured equipment like the following:

  • Flexitanks

  • ISO tanks

  • Dry bulk liners

  • IBCs

  • Drums

As a result, shipping costs less because materials are packed more efficiently. In addition, DHL’s international shipping includes customs clearance and global technical support as part of their end-to-end bulk transport.

Road Freight

While road freight is not an option for all international destinations for obvious reasons, it can be a great cost-effective option for destinations in Mexico or Canada, especially where arrival within a few days is fast enough.

Rail Freight

Similar to road freight, rail freight is often much cheaper when destinations allow for that option. Then again, rail or road freight may be the only option for some destinations.

Still, DHL offers flexible optional services and customs services so that you can customize as needed while getting the DHL international prices you need for your packages.

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Sustainable Shipping Practices

Another reason to use DHL is their sustainable shipping practices. DHL has implemented many environmental impact initiatives. For example, DHL uses electric delivery vehicles in their fleet and eco-friendly packaging materials to minimize waste.

Even at the start of the pandemic, research found that as many as 74% of those surveyed in the United States, Europe, and South America were willing to pay more for more sustainable packaging. Beyond that, 44% of consumers prioritize brands with a clear commitment to sustainability. 

As a result, using DHL’s sustainable shipping practices can help your brand appeal to your eco-conscious customers—while DHL international prices ensure you don’t have to pay a premium to do so.

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