Inventory, picking, shipping and reporting all in one service

Veeqo is jam-packed with world-class features that help retailers deliver a great experience to their customers

Inventory, picking, shipping and reporting all in one service

Multichannel Inventory Management

Keep your inventory 100% accurate across all your sites, marketplaces and physical stores in real-time. Make a sale anywhere and get instantly updated stock levels everywhere.

Multichannel inventory

Inventory Automation

Inventory Tracking

Inventory Forecasting

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Veeqo order management

Order Management

Manage orders from all your sales channels in a single platform – never oversell or miss an order again

Order management system

Warehouse management software

Digital picking

Omnichannel order management

Taking stock in a warehouse

Veeqo is Free

We’re able to provide Veeqo for free because we benefit from shipping volume passed to our partner shipping carriers.

  • Unlimited orders

  • No Shipping label limits

  • Unlimited users

  • No monthly cost

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Effortless inventory control.

Veeqo automatically monitors every movement of every stock item—all in one place.

Shipping Tools

Quickly bulk ship orders from any sales channel, automate repetitive tasks and track every delivery in one place – all in a single platform.

Ecommerce shipping software

Returns management

Shipping integrations

Bulk ship orders with USPS
View sales reports for all your channels in Veeqo

Reporting and forecasting tools

Track and audit everything from multichannel sales to picker performance. Create sales, picking and inventory reports and use our forecasting tools to forecast inventory for the future.

Inventory forecasting

Guide to inventory forecasting

Benefits of an inventory reporting system

Before Veeqo I had a much longer dispatch time – up to 5 days. I can now ship with next day delivery.

"I had to cap orders during busy periods as I could not keep on top of my stock. With Veeqo, the process is a lot less stressful. There are no worries that I will run out or over-make stock anymore."

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Lucy Farmer

Business Owner, Elizabeth & Ernest

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  • Amazon
  • Shopify

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