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4 People You’ll Keep Smiling With Order Aggregation


With online retail accounting for 10% of consumer spending, more and more businesses are opting to sell online.

But moving your business online brings its own problems.

Putting yourself out there and selling through as many outlets as possible seems like a good idea. After all, being on Amazon and eBay brings more online “footfall” than only having your own online store.

But then with orders coming in from so many directions, keeping your inventory updated becomes a major headache.

What can you do about it?

The answer is Order Aggregation, which is exactly what we do at Veeqo.

Order aggregation takes away all the headaches by letting you manage your inventory from one place.

Sounds like an idea with potential? We think so too, not least because Order Aggregation can put a smile on many faces.

Let’s take a look at how many people you can make happy with Order Aggregation.

1. Keep Your Customers Happy

Happy customers are repeat customers.

How do you keep customers happy? By providing a smooth, and bump-free ride. Have the products they want in stock, and send them out in a timely manner.

Order aggregation means you’ll avoid the embarrassment of having to apologize for being out of stock to a customer who has already placed an order (Which, by the way, is a surefire way to make the customer shop elsewhere).

It also means you can process orders quickly, wherever they’re made – eBay, Amazon, on the phone, in store, or online – so you don’t leave your customers waiting longer than they need to.

2. Keep Your Staff Happy

If you manage your inventory manually, your staff end up wasting valuable time updating your inventory when they could be putting their skills to good use.

Order aggregation allows your staff to get on with their jobs, whether that’s packaging orders or selling to your customers.

Staff who are empowered to do the work they’re paid for are happy staff. And you’ll be happier with them too, because they’ll get more done.

3. Keep Your Accountant Happy

Accountants love it when everything runs smoothly. They hate having to chase up missing invoices, or sort through a mess of mangled account books.

Aggregating your orders eliminates accounting hiccups created by poor inventory management.

You’ll have a happy accountant who can focus on helping you understand your finances and boost profits, rather than an angry accountant who’s forever nagging about the mess of invoices you send his way.

4. Keep Yourself Happy

With order aggregation, and your customers, staff and finances in good shape, you can focus on being an entrepreneur and a strategist instead of constant firefighting.

Order aggregation puts the control in your hands.

You can go to bed at night knowing exactly what’s in your warehouse.

No longer will you have to give staff access to your PayPal account.

There’s far less scope for stock to go missing.

You’ll know the right orders are being placed with your suppliers, and your stock is being managed efficiently.

And, most importantly, you get a simple overview of your business so you can see which products are hot and which are not. With this data, you can better predict future trends and decide the best way to steer and grow your business.

What are you waiting for? Start aggregating your orders today, and give yourself, your customers, your staff and your finances a warm, glowing feeling.

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Written by David Masters

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