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8 Brilliant Tips for Writing Perfect Product Descriptions


Product descriptions are one of the most important, yet overlooked, aspects of selling online. Whether you own an ecommerce store or run a marketplace, it’s easy to list out the features and specifications of your product. But is this really selling your products?

In many cases, your product descriptions will be the only form of communication that your business has with your respective customers and clients. That’s why they need to be spot on in order to secure those sales. Writing product descriptions can be a lengthy, difficult and sometimes overwhelming task and it can be difficult to know where to begin.

To give you a helping hand on how to maximise your products opportunities by writing the perfect description, here is a list of eight need-to-know points. They will help you to maximise your site traffic and to lock in those all-important sales.

1. Define Your Target Market

Before you start writing anything, it’s vital that you know who exactly you are selling your products to. Are you aiming for parents? For teenagers? For homeowners? Males or females? By defining your target audience, you can start to build up a picture of what language you should be using in your descriptions. You will able to decide what kind of sentence structure to use as well as confirming what buzzwords you can use that will allow your product descriptions to make a real impact.

2. Paint a Picture

There’s no better way to sell your products than creating an image in your customers’ head, illustrating how they will be using your product and how it will benefit their lives. According to Buffer, people don’t buy products – they buy better versions of themselves. For example, if you’re selling a car air freshener, this may seem like a mundane product that is extremely difficult to sell. However, by explaining how beautiful their car will be and how they can enjoy their favourite scents every time they take a trip, go to work or head out to meet friends and family, you are connecting your product to your customer’s everyday life, enforcing the perspective that they need to buy your product.

3. Tell a Story

Everybody loves a story. By creating a story that surrounds your product, you’re enabling your potential customer to connect with your product on a personal and emotional level. By creating a story, you’re giving your product a character, a personality which is all something they can relate to. You can create characters and individuals who have used your products, explaining how it has impacted their lives.

4. Lists That Make an Impact

The key to writing product descriptions is connecting with your potential customers. Unfortunately, they’re not interested in every single feature of your product but instead, they’re interested in how it will benefit them and their own lives. The main point here is to take a list of all your features and specifications and convert them into benefits for the user. Take this new list and convert it into a compelling product description that sells.

5. Precision is Key

Statistics show that only 16% of content on a web page is read by potential customers. This is because the majority of people scan for what’s important for them. This means you need short and sharp sentences that are easy to read and gives your customer everything they need to know.

6. Use Helpful Tools

When in doubt about something, or looking to perfect your descriptions, there are a vast wealth of online tools that can help you out. To give you a helping hand, here is a list of some of the best;

  • Paper Fellows – An online writing community that’s free to join that allows you to upload your work to be constructively criticised by other professional writers around the world. They can help you to improve your product descriptions, including grammar and punctuation.
  • Boom Essays – An online custom writing service that allows you to send your product descriptions away to a professional writer who can edit, improve and proofread your work, enabling you to achieve the perfect content.
  • Easy Word Counter – Product descriptions should be powerful, short but precise and informative. Set a word limit for each description and try to stick with it, refine your information so it makes an impact.
  • EssayRoo – Another online writing tool that allows you to upload and send away your product descriptions for professional editing, ensuring each one of your descriptions is correct and ready for the Web.
  • Cite It In – If you’re added captions or citations to your product descriptions, Cite It In enables you to create professional looking captions that allows your descriptions to stand out from the crowd.
  • UK Writings – If you’re finding it difficult to create your own descriptions, this writing agency will look at what you have tried already and can give you expert advice on how to improve.

7. Answer All the Questions

When people are reading your product descriptions, they don’t want to have to contact the company to ask a question about the product, they already want to know.

Amy Runswick, Sales Leader from Academized explains;

“With the boom of mobile devices, many people are shopping on the move and simply don’t have time to try and figure products out for themselves. They’re looking for all the information they need in one easy, simple to read format. The best way to deal with this is to create a list of all the questions that p`eople may ask about your products. Better yet, get friends and family involved and see what they want to know. Then, answer these questions in your description and you’re sure to lock in those sales”

8. Draft, Revise, Perfect

As with anything in life, you’re unlikely to get it right first time. If you spend a couple of hours one day writing out your product descriptions, take a break and leave them until the next day. You’ll be surprised at how much of the content you’ll want to change after you have slept and returned to it. It’s highly recommended that you continuously edit throughout the course of around seven days. This way you can keep perfecting your descriptions until you are truly happy with them, maximising your sales with your potential customers.



Mary Walton is a professional editor at Australian Assignment Help. She also helps people land perfect jobs working at Resume Writing Service. Also, Mary has a few years of experience in content marketing and content management. Mary has a Simple Grad blog (read her latest post – Writing Bunch Review), find useful tips for students there.

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Written by Mary Walton

Mary Walton is a professional editor at's Assignment Help. She also helps people land perfect jobs working at resume writing service Also, Mary has a few years of experience in content marketing and content management. Mary has a blog (read her latest post - Writing Bunch Review), find useful tips for students there.

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