8 Essential Facts About Mobile Commerce (And What They Mean for Your Business)


Mobile is big business. In 2012, PayPal handled nearly $14 billion in mobile payments. This is an eCommerce sector that’s booming.

To help you stay on top of things, we’ve put together 8 of the most important facts about mobile commerce.

Read on to find out how mobile is shifting the world of eCommerce.

1. The mobile web is exploding. People are adopting the mobile web eight times faster than they adopted the internet in the 1990s and early 2000s. That leaves business with little time for dithering. Want to keep your customers? Then you’ve got to be on this.

2. It’s a big world out there. The number crunchers estimate that 1.2 billion of us are accessing the web from a mobile device. That’s around 15% of the global population. As mobile adoption takes off in the developing world, it’s a number that’s only going in one direction.

3. Smartphones aren’t hiding away in pockets. People are really using their smartphones to get online, with 15% of all web traffic from mobile. In other words, nearly one of every six megabytes zipping through cyberspace is being downloaded to a mobile phone.

4. There’s nothing complicated about smartphone use. Research shows there are only two reasons that people get online with their phones. First, they log on to find information (and it’s usually information they need right now, such as train timetables, restaurant reviews, a local map, etc.). Second, they pick up their phone because they’re bored.

5. Mobile users are whimsical. Four in five smartphone purchases are spontaneous. What’s more, nearly nine in ten (88%) people say that having a smartphone in their pocket makes them more spontaneous when they’re shopping. In other words, it’s the bored smartphone user who is your biggest market. What does your brand’s mobile experience offer to brighten their day?

6. Showrooming is here to stay. Research by Ipsos Mediact found 49% of shoppers check out a product in store before buying online.

7. If your website isn’t responsive, you’re losing customers. Three in ten mobile shoppers abandon transactions if the shopping experience isn’t mobile optimised. Additionally, 71% of mobile web users expect websites to load as quickly (or faster) on their mobile handset as it does on their home computer. On top of that, half of consumers expect transactions to be easier on a mobile than they are on a desktop computer.

8. Design matters to your customers. Some 61% of people say their opinion of brands is improved when the brand provides a good mobile experience. What’s more, 57% of mobile users say they wouldn’t recommend a business whose mobile site is poorly designed.

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