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December Round-Up: 3 Amazing Retailers Who are Growing Their Business With Veeqo

December Round-Up: 3 Amazing Retailers Who are Growing Their Business With Veeqo


We are proud to introduce 3 of our newest, and most exciting, customers who we have welcomed to Veeqo over the past month. A great variety of retailers join us every day and we think it would be a shame not to shout about them!

This is why every month we now showcase the newest and hottest additions to the Veeqo family.


Jaques of London


The world’s oldest games manufacturer, Jaques of London crafts beautifully traditional family games including Backgammon, Snakes & Ladders and Chess. They use Veeqo to manage their international product listing, pushing products to Amazon stores all over the world. They can do this in Veeqo in addition to their existing UK store at no extra cost, and can now ship internationally hassle-free.




Starting with a vision to create clothing for cold water surfers, Cornwall-based Finisterre is a functional yet stylish outdoor clothing company. They’ve chosen Veeqo to support them in becoming a multichannel retailer, allowing them to seamlessly list on multiple marketplaces in just a few clicks. Additionally they can now bulkprint up to a 100 Royal Mail shipping labels in one go.




London-based Misfits is part of the Misfits Celebrity Management group, looking after a variety of clients, including many of the Geordie Shore and TOWIE cast. Looking after their clients’ products across 5 different Shopify stores is not an easy task – with Veeqo, they can now keep their inventory levels and orders in sync across all stores, from within one platform.


Sound awesome? We think so. If you want to find out more, read some of our customer case studies here.

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