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Ecommerce Conferences 2020: 79+ Events to Help Grow Your Retail Business This Year

  • Written by Mike Glover
Ecommerce Conferences 2020: 79+ Events to Help Grow Your Retail Business This Year

Growing an ecommerce business in 2020 means staying ahead of the curve. Marketing ideas and trends move rapidly. And what worked last year, may be a complete dud this time around. How do keep your finger on the pulse? Through industry leading speakers and educators at quality conferences and events. So we put together a complete list of the best ecommerce conferences in 2020 - including events in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and all over the world.

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Ecommerce conferences 2020

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Full ecommerce conferences 2020 list

Got your ecommerce conferences 2020 PDF? Here's a full text list of all the events with links to more info and sign up pages:


12-14 NRF Retail’s Big Show | New York City, NY 28-29 West Coast Ecommerce Summit | Long Beach, CA 28-29 Ecommerce Fair Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan 28-29 Savant Ecommerce Berlin | Berlin, Germany 30 Future of Retail & Ecommerce | Paris, France


4 The Delivery Conference Global | London, UK 1-5 NY Now | New York City, NY 5 Omnichannel Futures Conference | London, UK 5-6 HIDA Ecommerce Conference | Coral Gables, FL 13 Global Ecommerce Leaders Forum | Los Angeles, CA 13 Ecommerce Berlin Expo | Berlin, Germany 23-25 Moda UK | Birmingham, UK 23-26 Retail Supply Chain Conference | Dallas, TX 24-27 eTail West | Palm Springs, CA 25-26 New Retail 20 | Melbourne, Australia 25-26 eTail Connect Spring | London, UK 27-28 Retail Without Borders | London, UK


3 The Delivery Conference US | New York City, NY 3-5 eTail Asia | Singapore 9-11 eTail Germany | Berlin, Germany 10-11 DX3 Canada | Toronto, Canada 10-11 Internet World Expo | Munich, Germany 10-11 Savant Ecommerce Amsterdam | Amsterdam, Netherlands 12 Emerce Retail | Maarssen, Netherlands 12-15 Panama GB Summit | Panama City, Panama 17-19 One to One Retail Ecommerce | Monaco 18 Orovibe | Paris, France 22-25 Shoptalk | Las Vegas, NV 22-25 ASD Market Week | Las Vegas, NV 23-25 Prosper Show 2020 | Las Vegas, NV 25 UK Ecommerce Awards | London, UK 25-26 Retail Week Live | London, UK 29-Apr 2 Magento Imagine | Las Vegas, NV 31-Apr 1 IntraLogisteX | Coventry, UK 31-Apr 2 Traffic & Conversion Summit | San Diego, CA


1-2 Internet Retailing Expo | Birmingham, UK 1-2 eDelivery Expo | Birmingham, UK 2-3 Global Retailing Conference | Tucson, AZ 5-7 CXL Live | Austin, TX 8-9 Ecommerce Africa | Cape Town, South Africa 9 inStore North Retail Summit | Minneapolis, MN 14-16 Ecommerce Operations Summit | Orlando, FL 17 eCOM360 | Riga, Latvia 28-30 World Retail Congress | Rome, Italy 29-30 RetailEXPO | London, UK TBC Digiday Modern Retail Summit | TBC


TBC Retail Innovation Conference | New York City, NY 4-6 eTail Canada | Toronto, Canada 6 Digital Commerce Awards | Zurich, Switzerland 6-8 Sellers Summit 2020 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL 8 merchantday 2020 | Hannnover, Germany 15 Ecommerce Day | Cologne, Germany 19-20 Future Stores 2020 | London, UK 25-26 Global Ecommerce Summit 2020 | Barcelona, Spain 26-27 K5 Future Retail Conference | Berlin, Germany 27 Emerce Ecommerce Live! | Amsterdam, Netherlands 27-29 Retail Global: Gold Coast | Gold Coast, Australia


2-3 Savant Ecommerce Stockholm | Stockholm, Sweden 9 TRB Retail Customer Engagement Conference | London, UK 9-11 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition | Chicago, IL 10-11 CommerceNOW | Online 23-24 eTail Europe | London, UK


20-22 Digital Food & Beverage 2020 | Austin, TX 22-23 Online Retailer Sydney | Sydney, Australia 28-29 CommerceNext 2020 | New York City, NY


10-13 eTail Boston 2020 | Boston, MA


15-17 Paris Retail Week | Paris, France 16-17 Savant Ecommerce London | London, UK 30-Oct 1 Ecommerce Expo | London, UK TBC Retail Global | TBC


1 TRB Retail HR Summit | London, UK 5-7 Manhattan Exchange | Berlin, Germany 6-7 PayExpo Europe | London, UK 14 TRB AI in Retail Conference | London, UK 21-22 eTail Nordic | Copenhagen, Denmark TBC Magento Live Europe | TBC TBC Emerce Retail Europe | Amsterdam, Netherlands TBC Midwest Ecommerce Summit | Chicago, IL


4-5 Savant Ecommerce Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain TBC Texas Ecommerce Summit | Dallas, TX TBC Retail World Berlin | Berlin, Germany TBC nopCommerce Days | TBC

Best ecommerce conferences 2020

Retailers will likely find any of the events in our directory useful. But which ones should you go to? Here’s a list of a few of what we think are the must-attend ecommerce conferences in 2020 around the world:

1) NRF Retail’s Big Show

Jan 12-14 (New York City, NY) | More information

NRF Retail’s Big Show is one of the biggest retail conference events out there - attracting almost 40,000 attendees and 16,000 retailers from 99 countries last year. This year, there's a packed schedule with board members and executives from the likes of Starbucks, Nordstrom and Best Buy providing the latest industry insights.

2) Traffic & Conversion Summit

Mar 31-Apr 2 (San Diego, CA) | More information Traffic & Conversion Summit isn't strictly about retail. But it is one of the best digital marketing events out there - so still highly relevant to online retailers. This year's event will give you access to sessions with online marketing gurus like Ryan Deiss and Mari Smith. While you can also hear about selling via chatbots with Michelle Barnum Smith, and from the retail marketers behind The Squatty Potty.

3) eTail Conferences

Palm Springs Feb 24-27 | Asia Mar 3-5 | Berlin Mar 9-11 | Toronto May 4-6 | London Jun 23-24 | Boston Aug 10-13 | Copenhagen Oct 21-22

eTail conferences are huge and appear annually in several locations across the globe - attracting thousands of fellow retailers. Speakers include some of the brightest minds in the industry from big names like Amazon, LEGO, The North Face and Kohl's as well as trailblazing new brands like Zalando and Bombas. All making eTail conferences one of the hottest events for the latest ecommerce and omnichannel trends.

4) Dx3 Canada

Mar 10-11 (Toronto, Canada) | More information

Dx3 is Canada's largest event on this list, seeing over 3,000 attendees in 2019 with over 100 speakers and 50+ exhibitors. This two day conference is packed with expert insights from leaders who shape the retail industry. In 2020, you'll see speakers from brands like Shopify, Nielsen, Evio Beauty Group and more.

5) Retail Week Live

Mar 25-26 (London, UK) | More information

Retail Week Live is one of the UK's hottest commerce events. Set in London, it's 48 hours packed full of quality speakers and workshops on how to thrive in today's retail environment. This year's featured speakers include Jo Fairley, Founder of Green & Black’s, as well leaders at IKEA, The Body Shop and NFL franchise The San Francisco 49ers.

6) Shoptalk

Mar 22-25 (Las Vegas, NV) | More information

Shoptalk really is one of the biggest and best ecommerce conferences of the calendar - 8,000+ people each year attend to see a 'star-studded' list of speakers. And in 2020, Shoptalk are making a statement by having 100% female speakers. You'll be able to see female retail leaders from the likes of 1-800 Flowers, Birchbox, Alibaba, Billabong and many more.

7) Internet Retailing Expo

Apr 1-2 (Birmingham, UK) | More information Over 5,000 attendees each year make Internet Retailing Expo one of the UK's most anticipated retail events. There's a great lineup of talks focusing on marketing excellence, international growth, customer obsession and final mile delivery. Plus, it's also hosted alongside the eDelivery Expo, which takes on more of a supply chain focus.

8) Retail Global

May 27-29 (Gold Coast, Aus) | Sep 2020 (Las Vegas, NV) | More information

Retail Global has both a North America and Australia event each year. With both conferences jam packed full of the latest insights for helping retailers sell more. The lineup for this year's North American event has yet to be announced. But Australia will feature speakers from the likes of Instagram, Amazon, Australia Post and a whole host of leaders at fast growing online retailers. --- And that's about all the major dates and ecommerce conferences 2020 we can find. Make sure to get in touch if you think we've missed any out. Did you attend any of these 2020 ecommerce conferences last year? Let us know how you found it in the comments below.

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