Introducing Spently – An Email Builder for Shopify


We don’t do this often, but when I find a tool I think our users can benefit from, I like to pass it on.

This particular tool is ideal for all of our Shopify users.

I’ve been talking to the guys from a company called Spently in the past few weeks. If you haven’t
heard about them, you should check them out, they offer the #1 transactional email builder on Shopify.

Anyways, they’ve built a pretty sweet Notifications app that allows you to create awesome looking email notifications for your store such as Order Confirmations, Shipping Confirmations, Shipping Updates, Welcome Emails + more.

The open-rate on these emails are >70% compared to newsletter emails which are typically <20%. You will be able to see your sales grow after including branding and upsells in these emails. The results you get with this thing will blow your mind!

Based on what customers purchase they make tailored product recommendations and include unique discounts in your Order, Shipping, and other notification emails that will increase your customer’s rate of repeat purchase.

Checkout the screenshot below for an example of the recommendations and discounts you might include. Could improving this customer communication channel help you?

I highly recommend this app. If you don’t like it, there’s a money back guarantee! Oh wait… it doesn’t cost anything to try.


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Written by Richard Protheroe

Richard is a Content Specialist at Veeqo. He loves writing about ways for ecommerce retailers to increase their sales with marketing tips, advice on website optimisation and social media best practices.

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