[Infographic] The Omnichannel Opportunity: 15 Statistics Proving You Don’t Want to Miss Out

Omnichannel Statistics Infographic Header


The modern consumer demands convenience and a more unified experience – meaning a standard multichannel strategy simply isn’t enough anymore.

People want to:

  • Browse your catalogue in multiple places.
  • Buy from any channel they like.
  • Deliver or collect from wherever’s most convenient.
  • Return anything they don’t want with minimal hassle.

In short: they want omnichannel – and it works like crazy too.

Businesses that have implemented a strong omnichannel strategy have seen massive increases in customer retention and revenue. With 75% of executives claiming that omnichannel is an essential part of their strategy.

Still a little skeptical? Here are 15 further omnichannel statistics that prove it’s the future of commerce.

Omnichannel Statistics Infographic

Click here to download the full omnichannel statistics infographic.

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What are your biggest apprehensions about implementing an omnichannel strategy in your retail business? Let us know in the comments below.

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