Printing Shipping Labels with Royal Mail Despatch Express Using Veeqo

Printing Shipping Labels with Royal Mail Despatch Express Using Veeqo


Royal Mail Despatch Express

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of Royal Mail Despatch Express and Veeqo’s feature for printing shipping labels. 

What is Royal Mail Despatch Express?

Royal Mail introduced its Despatch Express system to let you develop interfaces to and from your systems so that you can improve your despatch processes. These are its 4 key components for improving your logistics:

Importing Addresses

Using the Address Import tool allows you to import files of contacts and their addresses into Royal Mail Despatch Express’s database. Once you have done this, you can find the delivery addresses of your recipients much easier so the ordering process is sped up.

Your contacts list must be in text/CSV file format, and must contain the following information of the recipient: name, address, postcode, and a unique reference code for each address  – the “Customer ID” (this is so that they can easily be found with no confusion). You can easily edit or delete addresses that you’ve added into the system.

You can use this feature for uploading a full list of your customers addresses into Despatch Express before you plan on using it, to automatically maintain the address database so that it compliments your own system, and for the day-to-day processing of orders.

Importing in batch

Royal Mail Despatch Express also has a feature which lets you print multiple shipping labels at the same time. As with the Address Import tool, you must use a text/CSV file containing the customer name, address and postcode of each recipient, in addition to despatch details including: service, necessary enhancements (e.g recorded delivery), sender reference and the weight of the item you’re sending. This feature is primarily used for bulk printing shipping labels.

Direct Feed

This feature of Royal Mail Despatch Express is for you to “drive” Despatch Express from your own system. When your system is ready to print a shipping label, Despatch Express will produce a simple file with the delivery dress and service to be used.

The presence of this file will be detected by Despatch Express, which will then automatically print a label. It will also return another file with the tracking number for your customer’s system to collect.

The main purpose for integrating your system with Royal Mail Despatch Express is so you can use it to print labels as an extension of your existing system. This is great for those who don’t want to create their own system for printing labels, but also don’t want to use seller despatch separately.

Exporting Data

With this feature, you can use Royal Mail Despatch Express to export customer details currently held in the database, or export details of dispatched items. You could also use it to export addresses from your existing database and transfer it to a different system.

This means that customers can load this information into their own systems to record tracking numbers. You might also want to record tracking numbers in order to resolve customer enquiries quickly. You could also use this feature to export the despatch information at the end of each day one you have printed the collection manifest. The information can then be loaded into their system so the service, despatch date and tracking number can be recorded against the original order.

Printing Shipping Labels

You can use Royal Mail Despatch Express to print your shipping labels. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Save client addresses into the Address Book
  • If you’re not shown the required Royal Mail service in the “service box”, click onto the drop down menu and select the service you need from the list of services available
  • Despatch Express will automatically choose the first account for this service, but you can change this by clicking the dropdown menu and clicking on the “account number” box
  • Choose the package format (e.g large letter, packet) and postage class (1st, 2nd etc.)
  • Select the weight/size you require from the Despatch Weight dropdown menu
  • You can use the dropdown menu to show Departments that have been set up, and use this to search for items by department.
  • You can record “Sender References” on the despatch and arrange for them to be printed on the label if you wish.
  • You can select a Service Enhancement from a dropdown list if you want to
  • Clicking the “Print/Confirm Despatch (F12)” will save the despatch details and print the appropriate labels.
Here’s what Veeqo can do

Veeqo has a Royal Mail integration which lets you bulk print shipping labels without the need to import or export anything as it already has your webstore, eBay and Amazon orders, which means you can easily print your shipping labels without Royal Mail Despatch Express.

Veeqo also lets you create rules for shipping orders to assign the proper courier and service taking into account minimum/maximum order prices and weights, domestic/international, and webstore and marketplace. This saves you the need to select them one by one, saving you minutes for each order.

There is also a template editor which allows you to create your own invoices, packing slips and delivery labels, then batch print in just a few steps. You are allowed an unlimited number of template designs, so you could have different ones for each marketplace if you choose,

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