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Tips to Increase Organic Traffic to Your eBay and Amazon Store

  • Written by Jodie Pride
Tips to Increase Organic Traffic to Your eBay and Amazon Store

Although it can be difficult for smaller sellers, there are a number of ways you can drive traffic to your eBay store. Here are some tried and tested methods of boosting organic traffic to your eBay and Amazon stores.

Strategically name your store categories 

If you’re selling on eBay and/or Amazon, you can maximize SEO (search engine optimization) and drive more traffic to your listings by strategically naming your store categories. 

First, set up your store preferences so that the navigation bar showing all of your categories is on every single listing.

Next, you should add subcategories to your main categories using brand names of the items in your store, if you sell branded items. You can still keep your items categorized by size, gender, color, etc. The key is to display on the left hand navigation bar so that the search engines can see them.

For example, a seller offers gourmet tea, tea sets, and other tea-related accessories in their eBay store. This seller can set up categories as tea bags, tea leaves, cups and mugs, strainers, tea flavorings, and tea gift baskets.

Then, under tea bags, the seller lists the brand names such as Twinings, Whittard, Teapigs, and so on. They do this in every category and list out the brand name of all of their items.

Now, instead of having a few pages with each of these key words on them, every single page in the seller's store has all of these key words on them.

The tea seller has just exponentially increased the number of times a keyword is used in their store. This also increases brand recognition in the store, so customers can easily see that they carry Twinings tea bags if that is what they are seeking.

Write Guest Posts

This is one of the most popular ways of driving traffic to your store if you’re an eBay or Amazon seller.

Contact blogs related to your niche and ask to write guest posts for them. Choose reputable sites, so your Google rank will go up.

Think outside the box - for example, if you’re selling on eBay, you could find companies which provide eBay inventory management software and ask write guest articles for their blogs. 

Landing page optimization

Use the geo-targeting functionality to ensure your traffic is directed to the most relevant eBay site.

Consider which landing page on eBay you direct your traffic to carefully, as the eBay homepage is not always the best option.

For example, if your content is about coffee mugs, try linking to a coffee mugs search results page. You can also use Advanced Search options to further target your landing page 


Approach companies in the same or similar industries as you, and ask to partner up. If you have your logo and link on their site (and vice versa, of course) you could tap into their customer base, who may not have heard of you before.

Simply get them to add your logo and link and do the same for them in return, you’d be surprised at how many companies are willing to do this, but it’s beneficial for both companies and costs nothing. Need eBay management software? Try Veeqo today.

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Written by Jodie Pride

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