Top Magento Extensions You Need

  • Written by Jodie Pride
Top Magento Extensions You Need

If you’re looking to improve your Magento store, there are dozens of extensions available to choose from. However, we’ve put together this list of our favourite extensions to save you time and help you optimize your store for increased sales and functionality... 

Matrixrate - For shipping costs 

This extension lets you offer multiple shipping options to customers based on their locations. Matrixrate helps solve the problem of various shipping costs for weight, location, quantity and other variables by creating different tables to instantly applying a shipping cost to your customer’s order an amount that isn’t extortionate. You can also customize shipping rates based on destination, and shipping rates based on cart weight, subtotal or quantity. 

Veeqo - For Magento inventory management 

This is a great, multifunctional extension which you can use not just for Magento stock management, but also for shipping, purchase orders, supplier management and for orders. Veeqo boasts a Royal Mail Magento integration, and an Amazon integration which connects to your eBay, Amazon, and WooCommerce stores with Magento so that your inventories are synced across these channels. You’ll never have to worry about over-selling again. 

Olark - For live conversations 

Olark is a live-chat platform which allows you to communicate with customers immediately, while they are browsing your Magento store, so you can waste less time and provide the best service possible, which is important to customers. With Olark, you can see every customer browsing your store, exactly what they are looking at, and what’s in their cart - this means you’re notified in real time if they are looking at big-ticket items, if you get a repeat customer, or if the customer adds or removes items from their cart.  It’s the perfect extension for those who do not like ticketed support, or if you want to have a live chat option in addition to your ticketed support.

Bronto - For email marketing

Bronto is a popular solution for driving revenue with targeted email and cross-channel marketing campaigns. You can access past-purchase data from your Magento store so you can base your messages on this to make your marketing much more personal and relevant to the customer.  Bronto also lets you segment your customers based on the product or categories they’ve purchased, and analyze sales metrics such as Average Order Value, Last Order Total and Total Revenue. You can send everything from simple newsletters to automated reminders for wishlists and abandoned carts with this powerful emailing tool. 

Optmizely - For A/B testing

Optimizely allows for anyone to run A/B tests and track exactly the areas/metrics they’re focused on, including engagement, clicks, conversions, sign ups and anything else that’s important to your business as there’s an endless range of measurable actions you can define. Optimizely requires no more than a basic set up before you’re good to go, with its drag and drop visual editor it’s very simple to use. It also lets you test pages and will deploy a copy of the temporary page until a permanent one can be established.

One Page Checkout - For Checkouts

This is a great extension for streamlining the checkout process. One Page Checkout turns your former 4-6 step checkout process into one simple, easy to navigate page for your customers. By making the checkout process quicker, you could increase the number of completed carts and lower the number of carts abandoned and the amount of money you’ll spend trying to get those abandoned carts back.

Zendesk - For customer support

If you’re struggling with your customer support, then Zendesk is a great, cost-effective way to help get things more organised. You can use this tool to enable Single Sign-on for Magento administrators, create support tickets without leaving Magento, display relevant support tickets on order & customer dashboards, and easily add a feedback tab to your site. Best of all, it costs just $12 a year for a single agent, which is great for small businesses, or $59 a month for larger companies with a bigger customer support team.

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