How to Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors


They are engaged, they love everything about your brand, they are loyal, and they proactively generate word-of-mouth recommendations. Brand ambassadors are one of the most important links in building a good reputation and trustworthiness on the market, as well as strong bonds with your target audience.

If you not only satisfy your customers but exceed their expectations, you’re halfway there to converting them into evangelists. That way your customers will promote your brand to all their friends and family for you. What’s not to like?!


Why Brand Ambassadors Are So Important


Brand ambassadors improve how your (potential) customers perceive your brand, and as a result increase your sales and support your business’ growth.

Continuously paying attention to consumers’ needs and listening to what they are saying about your products and services is crucial for success. After all, digital marketing is slowly being transformed through the emerging of the new type of influencers – not celebrities, but normal people like you and me.

Brand ambassadors - influencers

With the rise of social media, user-generated content has become a crucial piece of the puzzle for reaching new audiences and strengthening bonds with existing customers.

According to HubSpot, 73% of Millennials are more likely to believe the recommendation of a fellow customer than the promotional campaign of the brand itself.


Offer Value and Show You Care  


Needless to say, you have to provide your customers with quality product and service. Give your customers something to talk about, whether that’s a new, advanced version of your product, discounts, or special offers.

Always be at the top of your game – not even your most loyal customers will talk about you if there’s nothing special worth sharing.

When trying to determine who would be a potentially good brand ambassador, focus on your target audience and the fans you already have in your base. Show that you appreciate them!

There are always holidays and special occasions around the corner; why not send your customers a quirky personalised note for Valentine’s Day or a Christmas gift card? Introduce them to special offers via newsletters or social media in order to reward their loyalty; today’s consumers need to be wooed as they seek a more personal relationship with brands.


Ensure Excellent Customer Service


How you approach your customers matters; going the extra mile when it comes to customer support is a smart choice as it makes your brand stand out from your competitors that do not.

This conversation is now more often than not within the digital realm, so how you present yourself online is extremely important. Research by Lithium shows that 72% of Twitter users are willing to punish their brands if they do not reply to their complaints within an hour.

It might be challenging to devote attention to every single enquiry but it is necessary for obtaining a good reputation and turning your regular customers into evangelists.  It can also strengthen your branding by bestowing some personality on your brand – just look at some of these great examples:

Telegraph Twitter Customer Support screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-13-08-16


Make Your Content Shareable  


Consider different types of engaging content in your marketing strategy. Video, to name only one, has proven to be an extremely powerful means of connecting to your audience.

We perceive video as far more captivating, engaging and therefore shareable than a standard image or text. Invisia found that 92% of mobile device users share captivating video content with others.


Organise Competitions and Reward Creativity


Your customers need to feel that they are more to you than just profit – that they are also a part of the bigger system of values and ideas associated with your brand.

This is why it is good to communicate with them on an emotional level.

Organise challenges and competitions, and get their attention by offering awards to the most creative individuals or groups. Introduce a special hashtag for competitions and make public voting a criteria so that your brand reaches a wider number of people.


Always Delight Your Loyal Customers


It is important to nurture relationships with loyal customers, even after the sale has been made. There are plenty of holidays and special dates coming up, Valentine’s Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day to name just a few, and there is no better time to show your loyal customers how special they are to you.

In turn, this will help you grow your client base and grow your business even further.


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