Upcoming Veeqo + Prisync Webinar: Pricing Masterclass For Ecommerce Retailers

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Having your products priced perfectly is one of the most crucial things for online retailers to get right. Charge too much and you’ll send your visitors looking elsewhere. Too low, and you’ll be eating away at your margins and making a loss, or could be damaging how your brand is perceived by your customers in terms of value and quality.


As pricing touches everything from marketing to finance it naturally plays a huge role in the life of every retailer. But with such fierce competition, how can online retailers stay one step ahead of the game?


Research shows that online retailers who perfect their pricing strategy can get a huge head-start on the competition. So what’s the best way of getting ahead (and staying there)?


This is exactly what we’ll be covering in our next Veeqo webinar. This Pricing Masterclass will be jam packed with actionable advice and insights on pricing strategies, all designed to help you grow your ecommerce business.


The webinar will take place onĀ Tuesday 4th April at 4pm GMT (12pm ET | 9am PT).


Presented by ecommerce pricing experts Prisync, this session will feature real-world case studies and invaluable insights that you can roll out across your own online retail business immediately.


Pricing Masterclass for Ecommerce Retailers – Register Now



Can’t make it on the day? Register here anyway and we’ll send you a recording of the webinar (plus the presentation slides) afterwards ?

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