Picking, packing and shipping

How candy retailer American Goodies tasted sweet success
managing their business with Veeqo

UK-based retailer American Goodies started out as a small candy business selling pick ’n mix sweets from shopping mall carts. Fast forward 3 years and they’re now a fully-fledged multichannel retailer, shipping thousands of products a week all over the world – and use Veeqo to manage every single order.

When retailer Garry Hughes started selling candy out of shopping malls in the South East of England, he had no idea that he’d become a multichannel retailer, turning over £1m a year and shipping orders to customers all over the world.

“Back in September 2013, one of my suppliers had imported some American goods and asked if I wanted to try selling them,” remembers Garry. “To which I said ‘no one’s going to pay that sort of money for imported sweets’! But I gave them a go, and couldn’t believe how popular they were.”

This initial success lead Garry to opening a retail store specialising in imported American candy, before listing a handful of products on eBay. Following a flurry of orders, he added further lines to eBay and opened up an Amazon store. Before he knew it, Garry was running an entire warehouse operation, employing a full-time member of staff just to fulfil his online orders.

“Basically, it was chaos!” says Garry. “We were printing everything manually, and the operation wasn’t working as it should. We realised we could grow the business and sell a lot more – but not like this.”

By February 2014, Garry’s American Goodies business was turning over £1m, thanks to him listing his products on multiple channels. Whether it was his bricks and mortar store, his own ecommerce website or on eBay and Amazon, customers all over the world were able to purchase Garry’s imported American candy.

“At this point, I knew we needed some software to manage the business, and the main reason for going for Veeqo was its simplicity,” says Garry. “We needed a stock control system as well as a way of shipping orders in bulk every day. Veeqo offered all of this and more – the fact that they set everything up for us free of charge was the icing on the cake”.

“Veeqo offered stock control, bulk shipping and more – the amazing set up was the icing on the cake.”

Every single online order American Goodies receive is managed through Veeqo, no matter what channel they’ve come from – whether it’s their own website, from Amazon or eBay. Garry has even been able to make his picking and packing more efficient through Veeqo, reducing his staffing costs along the way.

“We don’t even print picking lists or anything – each member of staff has a station with a computer, and because all the information about each order is in Veeqo, they literally print the shipping label, pick the item, pack it – and off it goes,” explains Garry. “It’s so efficient that we’ve been able to reduce our staff headcount by 25% through using Veeqo. It’s saving us money, and it’s saving us time.”

So what can retailers do if they want to emulate the level of success American Goodies has enjoyed over the past few years? According to Garry, if you’re serious about growing your business then you’ve got to be selling multichannel.

“If you’re just selling on eBay, you’re ignoring all of those potential customers who are only using Amazon – and vice versa,” advises Garry. “You’ve got to use everything that’s going, because otherwise you’re just missing sales opportunities.”

“We saw a massive uplift in sales when we started selling internationally with Veeqo.”

Garry has also noticed a significant increase in sales since listing his products on international marketplaces. He now ships his imported American candies & sodas to countries all over the globe!

“With Amazon we sell to Germany, Italy, France and Spain, and we also use eBay’s European selling tool to translate all our listings to international languages,” says Garry. “As soon as we switched that on 18 months ago, we saw a massive uplift in sales. It’s easier for people in international marketplaces to find you in their own language.

As American Goodies continues to grow Veeqo is able to scale with the business, and Garry is now starting to look at some of the other ways he can use Veeqo to increase his sales – like using the listing tool to easily add and manage new orders across multiple marketplaces.

“The support Veeqo offer is extremely good,” admits Garry. “ I know that if we have a problem we just have to pick up the phone. We never have to hang around for support if we need it, and that’s a key factor with everything.”

“Veeqo is so efficient that we’ve been able to reduce our staff headcount by 25%. It's saving us money, and it's saving us time”

Garry Hughes
Founder - American Goodies

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