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Canadian Spa Co.

A Veeqo Customer Story

Learn how Canadian Spa Co. use Veeqo to optimise order management and dispatch deliveries 2-3x quicker than previously.

LocationSurrey, UK
Employees30 employees
Product SKUs800 product SKUs
Sales channels100 orders per day
Annual turnover£2.8m annual turnover
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Shipping orders with Veeqo is at least two to three times quicker and more efficient overall.
Phil Piggott
Product Manager
Canadian Spa Co.
Phil Piggott
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Canadian Spa Co. have been a global player in the hot tub industry for the past 30 years. But keeping that status in the modern world meant selling on multiple online platforms - and managing this process was proving a difficult task.

“Before Veeqo, we were trying to manage all our inventory and orders directly through Quickbooks Desktop,” said Product Manager Phil Piggott. “We’d then be individually logging in to various different courier accounts to ship every single order manually.

“It was nowhere near ideal. We’d manage to process all our orders properly, but it just took so long to do it with a lot of wasted time.”

Canadian Spa Co.
Canadian Spa Company distribute high quality jacuzzis, hot tubs and related accessories to people and big name stores across Europe.

It was at this point that Canadian Spa realised something needed to change. Especially if they wanted to continue growing while maintaining their industry-leading status.

Jet Powered Shipping

Recognising the need for improvement, Canadian Spa did what successful businesses do and made some big changes when required - with Veeqo being high on the list.

“Being able to just ship all our orders from one place and not need to visit a variety of individual courier log-ons was massive for us”

“We looked into Veeqo as a solution and loved the concept,” explained Phil. “The integration with our sales channels and pulling our orders into one place was immediately a deciding factor.

Canadian Spa Co.
The Surrey-based retailer also supplies a number of beautifully crafted gazebos and saunas.

“But then very close behind was the shipping feature. Being able to just ship all our orders from one place and not need to visit a variety of individual courier log-ons was massive for us.”

But Canadian Spa didn’t stop there. They dedicated themselves to progression with another huge move.

“Something else we implemented at the same time as Veeqo was starting to use our own unique product SKUs,” added Phil. “This was separate to Veeqo, but helped us use the system better and radically improved order accuracy.”

A Streamlined New Operation

The difference in speed and accuracy has been huge for Canadian Spa Co. And it’s released a huge amount of pressure on the customer service team.

“With Veeqo, the entire shipping process is around two to three times quicker and more efficient”

“All our Amazon, eBay and most other orders now just get pulled into one place,” said Phil. “And it means our team has a lot more control in terms of what’s shipped out and goes into orders.

“Combine this with being able to ship out directly from one screen and it saves a lot of time - I’d say it’s at least two to three times quicker and more efficient overall.”

Canadian Spa Co.
A passion for innovation has helped Canadian Spa continue to drive the hot tub industry forward for over 30 years.

But the improvements didn’t stop there for Canadian Spa. Their warehouse performance also went up, with the SKU update a large part of this.

“Picking accuracy and speed has also improved dramatically, but adding the SKUs had a major role in this,” Phil closed with. “But add this on top of the shipping speed and being able to see orders accumulate in one place and it’s been great.”

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