Picking, packing and shipping

How fashion retailer PHIX Clothing are growing
their ecommerce business with Veeqo

PHIX Clothing is a stylish retro-inspired men’s clothing brand, heavily influenced by a fusion of classic British tailoring, 60’s and 70’s style and rock and roll. Founded by retailer Adam Ward, PHIX has grown into a hugely successful multichannel retailer, shipping their stunning range of products to customers all over the world.

Having worked in online retail for over 10 years, Adam realised that there was a gap in the men’s fashion market and wanted to design clothing he personally felt passionate about.

When founding PHIX, Adam’s biggest objective was to create clothing that he himself would wear.

“With PHIX we aren’t about leaching onto trends and pumping them out – it’s about fusing together my passion for rock n roll, vintage clothing, and classic British tailoring,” says Adam. “Great products that sit alongside each other well, that our customers love, at good price points, is what PHIX is all about.”

“PHIX is about fusing together my passion for rock n roll, vintage clothing, and classic British tailoring”

“Moving forward I always want to stick to our core values and inspirations,” continues Adam. “It’s clothing that I get a buzz from creating and wearing, and it will always stay this way.”

In its early days, Adam used eBay to sell PHIX Clothing online. Selling on this marketplace was a great first step for him to start growing his brand.

“When I started PHIX, eBay seemed like a logical first step,” remembers Adam. “It was simple to use and had a low cost to market.”

As his business grew, Adam soon realised that selling on eBay alone wasn’t enough to support PHIX in growing as a brand as well as a business.

It didn’t take long for Adam to realise that if he really wanted to maximise his sales, he needed to be selling on multiple channels and shipping all over the world. So in September 2016, PHIX launched its own Shopify store, doubling the amount of sales channels for the brand.

Adding a Shopify store helped PHIX grow both its brand and its sales. But transforming his business into a multichannel retailer presented a new set of challenges for Adam.

Now PHIX had to monitor sales, orders, inventory levels and shipping across two different sales channels, and the risk of overselling stock grew exponentially.

This opened the floodgates to human error and increased costs – as more time and money was spent on keeping everything in check.

“It was clear that things couldn’t go on like this, so we started looking for a software to help us increase process efficiency,” says Adam. “We needed something that could manage the entire process – from the point an order is placed, to it being shipped off to the customer.”

After signing up with another inventory management software, Adam soon realised that he could save his business even more money by switching to Veeqo.

“Veeqo was offering the exact same features we needed, but at 60% the cost,” says Adam. “So we switched pretty much instantly!”

“With Veeqo the picking, packing and shipping process is literally saving us hours every day.”

Since switching to Veeqo, PHIX has reduced its overall costs considerably; not only on the cost of the software, but also through reductions in areas such as the overselling of stock, staff headcount and by being able to allocate resources more efficiently.

“Picking lists in particular were a great source of human error and inefficiency,” says Adam. “With Veeqo we can now manage the picking, packing and shipping process much more smoothly. It literally saves us hours every day.”

With Veeqo, Adam is able to manage his entire ecommerce operation in one platform – from the moment an order is received to it being shipped anywhere in the world. Everyone in the team uses Veeqo on a daily business to manage their entire ecommerce operation, saving Adam time to focus on increasing his sales and growing his business.

“Using Veeqo has helped us automate a great deal of our processes,” says Adam. “We’re now saving so much time and money across the whole board.”

“Veeqo has completely changed how we do business and boosted productivity massively! The customer service is without a doubt the best I've ever had from any company I've ever worked with.”

Adam Ward
Founder - PHIX Clothing

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