60k orders shipped in a single month

Sock Snob started with just a sewing machine and a spare bedroom. Now they ship around 60,000 orders from 17 sales channels every month - and Veeqo is right there at the heart of it all.

  • 60k orders shipped in one month
  • Process 2x as many orders per day
  • Seamless inventory across 17 channels
  • Qualified for Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Connor Doughty Ecommerce Director, Sock Snob


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Sock Snob

The Sock Snob Story

Connor Doughty never expected to be selling socks online. He’d studied ancient history at university, and was about to begin a career in this field.

Then he got asked to help out with a little project his mum was working on called Sock Snob. And he’s not looked back since.

Sock Snob collage

Sock Snob started in 2011 making a few sales from a spare bedroom. Now they ship 60,000 orders a month to customers all over the world from their own dedicated facility in Leicestershire, UK.

“Sock Snob started when my mum got bored at home,” says Connor. “Our family has been in textiles and hosiery for about five generations and my dad had an import business. So mum happened to get hold of some socks from him and decided to try selling them online.”

Customers instantly loved them. The business grew rapidly. Connor parked the history career and took over as Ecommerce Director. And just a few short years later, Sock Snob found itself shipping thousands of orders a day from a dedicated warehouse of its own.

The only problem? Handling all these orders was taking its toll…

Finding a solution

By this time, Sock Snob were selling on a website and multiple eBay and Amazon stores. Managing both inventory and shipping with a lot of manual processes.

“We used to use a dedicated Royal Mail system where you’d manually input addresses and package weights,” Connor admits. “Then Royal Mail scrapped the system, and when we started looking elsewhere it became obvious how inefficient our operation was.”

Sock Snob packing orders

This is where Veeqo stepped in.

Suddenly, Sock Snob could sell on a whole host of international channels with one live inventory figure. Then choose from a variety of carriers to ship to their customers all around the world – with everything managed in one system. And life became a lot easier for Connor.

“Veeqo just fits in perfectly with what we’re trying to do,” he adds. “They understood that ecommerce is a global industry now, and that we’re going to be shipping to customers all over the world. We looked at a lot of other options and they weren’t going to help us with international shipping in the same way, it was just domestic.

“Veeqo understood that ecommerce is a global industry now, and that we’re going to be shipping to customers all over the world.”

“Couple this with Veeqo’s usability and it’s an ideal system for us. Not everyone at the business is tech savvy, but we felt anyone would be able to use it.”

All setting Sock Snob up perfectly for the next stage of its growth journey.

The results

Sock Snob continue to go from strength-to-strength as a business. They recently hit 60,000 orders in a single month, and in the lead up to last Christmas were processing a high of 6,000 orders per day – around twice as many as the company’s pre-Veeqo days.

Sock Snob sales channels

Sock Snob sell on a wide variety of sales channels, including a WooCommerce site, eBay and in multiple Amazon markets.

“It’s a massive lifesaver,” Connor explains. “It’s not impossible to handle this many orders without Veeqo, but it does make it all so much easier. You can look at extra channels and see how many more sales you can get on them, but if you can’t fulfil orders properly then it can be more hassle than it’s worth. Veeqo takes that worry away.”

“Veeqo is a MASSIVE lifesaver. It makes handling orders so much easier.”

But it’s about more than simply making Connor’s own life easier. Sock Snob can now deliver a better, more consistent experience for their customers – and one that’s easily scalable with the company’s growth too.

In fact, Veeqo has enabled Sock Snob to become a Seller-Fulfilled Prime retailer. Something that’s caused “a definite sales increase,” in Connor’s own words – an extra 8,000 orders and £90,000 in its first six months alone, to be exact.

Sock Snob using Veeqo

Above: Sock Snob use Veeqo to help them ship 60,000 orders a month and sync inventory across 17 worldwide sales channels.

“We’re planning to add a lot more sales channels because of what Veeqo offers,” says Connor. “We just know it can handle the extra orders and that our customers will always get the same experience. So hopefully we’ll be shipping more and more socks in the years to come!”


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